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Latest teachings

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Attention please read

Starting today, all sermons for members and nonmembers will be published in our new online church at This site will still be available to read all sermons published from 2015-2019. The reason for this change is the need for a secure SSL connection. My internet provider could guarantee a secure SSL connection here on […]

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How can God have a Son?

How can Yehovah (God) have a Son and at the same time, be one God? This question has plagued Christians for centuries, and it has given birth to many weird and quite often unbiblical doctrines. As Christians, we have two choices; build our faith 100% on our pastor’s sermons or rely our faith 100% on […]

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The Biblical secrets to prayer

Is your prayer life a struggle, something you seldom do because usually, your prayers go unanswered? When you struggle, and your prayers are not answered, you need to know the Biblical secret to prayer.    The Bible says the key to prayer is righteousness because Yehovah hears the prayers of the righteous. (1 Pet 3:12). What […]

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Monthly prophecy and partnership

Do you want to subscribe to a monthly prophetic word?Are you facing a difficult season in your life? Perhaps nothing complicated is happening right now, but you just feel the need for regular guidance from Yehovah for a season? That is when you need a monthly prophecy.I am inviting you to subscribe to receive a […]

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Why did I receive an invoice with my prayer and prophecy?

As many of you have noticed, there have been some changes in the ministry over the last week. The most significant change has to be the invoices you have received after requesting prophecy or counseling, and the gift invoices you receive after requesting prayer. Does this mean you now have to pay for a prophetic […]

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The cross,do you understand it?

What do you say if someone asked you to explain what happened at the cross? As Christians, our default answer goes something like this: Jesus Christ, the Son of God died for our sins. For someone who has never read the Bible, this answer makes no sense. It will leave them with more questions than […]

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Do you need to hear from God?

Sometimes, we cant hear Yehovah (God) speaking to us because of our circumstances. This is when you need someone to ask Yehovah on your behalf. My name is Apostle Ernie, and as an Apostle, I also hold the office of a prophet. I can ask Yehovah on your behalf. Send me your prophetic request to […]

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Important ministry information

How to request a prophecyStarting today (September 4, 2019), I will be making some changes on how you request a prophecy. To request a prophetic word, you will need to send an e.mail to If you request a prophecy on Messenger I will require your e.mail address to respond. After I have received your request it can […]

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Attention, please read

As of today, September 3, 1019, I have regained control over the original Facebook page at The new page will soon be merged with the original. Soon everything will be back to normal on and I will soon reply to all your requests for free prayer, prophecy or counseling. Apostle Ernie

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Information on the ministry

When I started this ministry in October 2015, I also launched a Facebook page called Cross of Jesus Christ Ministries. By clicking on “following” and “see first in newsfeed,” you could become a member for free and receive prayer each day seven days a week.   In July of this year (2019), I had about 189 […]

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