Day: March 17, 2016

Biblical faith?

The more I understand that I actually dont deserve anything but hell, the more I see how Jesus loves me. I dont deserve His love at all, but He chose to love me despite all of my faults, my sins. He not only loves me, He saved me, forgave me all of my sins, called […]

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Are you a cain or an abel?

One day God decide to create humans, He created us in His image with a free will. Sadly we chose to use our free will to disobey our creators laws, that changed everything. God has laws which He has to follow, He can not make any exemptions, if one of His creations violates His law […]

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The Lord says

The Lord says, the security of Norway is not in the oil. The oil does not have the power to protect Norway, the oil does not have the power to uphold Norway, but still Norway has forgotten who has the power to protect Norway. Do not rely on the oil, but if you continue to […]

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