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Sometimes we do not know how things will turn out. And sometimes, its even humanly impossible to solve the situation we are in. Just look at people like Moses, caught between the Red Sea and the Egyptian army. But just as Moses found out, if we trust Yahweh and we obey His Mosaic law, He will fill in the blanks for us.

Late last week I shared with you how this ministry has grown beyond my wildest imagination, and how its all because of 2 things. The favor of Yahweh and Him teaching me how to use Facebook advertising.

When I shared that with you I also told you how we had an outstanding balance of about 700 USD to cover the advertising cost. And at the time I did not know how I would be able to pay that.

During the shabbat and weekend I prayed, but Yahweh did not give me any special instructions on it. So I remained faithful to His law, trusting in Yeshua as my kapparah (atonement) for sin.

Today my wife and I recieved our monthly cash advance on our paycheck. We are both working full time jobs besides this ministry because we need a steady income. But we are praying for Yahweh to deliver us in one way or the other so we can devout ourselves full time to this ministry. We dont know, or when it will happen. And until it happens, we find ways to combine our time between our 9-5 jobs and this ministry.

When I first recieved our cash advance I did not see how we could be able to pay that outstanding balance of 700 USD. We have our own expenses and bills we need to pay every month. And we need to make sure we have enough money to buy groceries until next monts regular paycheck.

So I prayed for Yahweh to show me what to do, and I could literally feel Him guiding me the way a loving father guides his child. He showed me how to budget to make sure all our personal expenses are covered for this month. But then He also showed me how we could manage to pay that outstanding balance of 700 USD.

So we payed that today, and that made it possible for us to advertise more so that more people can hear the Gospel, recieve free ministry and decide to walk righteously obeying the law of Moses on their path to salvation.

Was it scary to pay 700 USD?

Yahweh showed me how to make sure all our monthly expenses are covered. So after having payed that 700 USD we will still have some extra left for unexpected circumstances. But yes, I have to admit it was scary. It feels way safer to have kept that 700 USD sitting on our bank account to make sure that we could cover any unexpected circumstances. But at the same time, we both know that money can save someone from hell.

So it felt wrong, to keep that money. I can best compare it to how it must feel to be safe and secure in a life boat, and having a choice between risking your own life to save someone drowning next to you, or to stay safe and secure in that life boat while they are drowning. It would feel wrong to stay in that life boat, even though you know there is a slight possiblity it could go wrong. But in such a situation, you have only 1 option. To throw yourself in the water and trust Yahweh to see you through.

I know there is a slight possibility my wife and I will need that 700 USD before our next regular paycheck. Something unexpected can suddenly happen. And yes, I dont know what we will do if that where to happen. But I have only 1 option, to throw myself “in the water” and trust Yahweh to see us through this if it should arise such a situation before the next regular paycheck.

Knowing that 700 USD have made it possible for someone to be saved, to recieve free ministry and to begin their walk or continue their righteous walk towards salvation makes it all worth it. For this is what it is all about, to make sure that as many possible are blessed by the gifts I have been given without having to pay for a blessing. And to make sure as many as possible will end up in heaven and not in hell when they die.

So we are trusting Yahweh, rejocing over the fact that there are souls right now being ministered to for free and saved for all eternity by choosing to trust in what Yeshua did for them and choosing to walk righteously.

Do you want to be part of this? To have that blessed assurance that you have “thrown yourself” in the water to help someone who was drowning, someone who was on their way to hell?

You can if you want to by choosing to support us financially.

Your support would cover the advertising costs on Facebook. And if you request to see our financial records showing you how your money has been spent, I will send them to you. So you can know for sure that your money will only go towards covering the expenses used to advertise on Facebook.

I know a lot of you do not have that possibility right now. And that is ok. Do not feel jugded because you dont have that kind of money right now. I know you have your monthly expenses to cover, you have a family to feed. And that is the most important, to make sure your family is fed. 

But as Yahweh showed me today, sometimes we have an opportunity to do something. Sometimes we have the opportunity to choose to trust Yahweh by giving away our little “nest egg” and have that joy of knowing 1 more soul have received free ministry and 1 more soul is walking the righteous path of salvation.

Let me leave you with this thought. Who was it that told you about the Gospel? What if you had never heard the Gospel and never chosen to walk the path of righteousness.? Right now you would be on your way to hell. The Gospel is free of charge, and you should never ever have to pay money for a prophecy, prayer og teachings from the Bible. But because someone took their time to share the Gospel with you, and because someone used money to reach you with the Gospel, you are now on your righteous walk to heaven able to receive free ministry from us.

It does not matter how much you give, every amount counts.


Apostle Ernie

A sinner saved by grace, called to the office of an apostle. Jesus died for me, that is my only hope so I cling to the cross of Christ. Without the death of Christ on the cross I will be lost. But the cross of Christ is the source to ALL I need in this life and the next one. Apostle Ernie

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