Victory is possible

Did you know you can overcome the devil? If you are a part of mainstream Christianity, this is not something new. You have heard this said several times over how you as a Christian, united with Christ, have the power to overcome the devil. Depending on what denomination you belong to, you have heard several different ways to defeat him. Is there that many ways to overcome the devil? What does the Bible have to say about it?

The devil has always been powerless and unable to do much on this earth by himself. He did not force Eve to eat that apple. If Eve had not believed his lies, she would have never eaten, and we would still be in the garden of Eden. He had to seek permission from Yahweh (God) to hurt Job (Job 1:12) He yet has access to heaven, and his mission in heaven is to accuse us (Rev 12:10) for sinning against Yahweh.

We know 1.John 3:4 says sin is lawlessness, so when the devil comes before the throne of Yahweh to accuse us, he is accusing us of breaking the Mosaic law.

When this happens, we have a high priest in the heavens Yahshua (Jesus Christ), and He pleads our case with Yahweh. He is our lawyer in the heaven defending us against the devil’s accusations. (Hebr 4:14-16)

We know the Bible says that a person who is born of God can not sin. (1.John 3:9).  We know sin is lawlessness (1.John 3:4), so the Bible says that if we are genuinely saved, we will have no desire to break Gods Mosaic law. If we are genuinely saved, we will have a deep love for the law and want to obey it at all cost. But if we look at our lives, we know we are not perfect. Even if we have a desire to follow it, we will sometimes sin unintentionally.

Yahshua defends us when we sin unintentionally.  Contrary to what you perhaps have been told in mainstream Christianity, He does not defend those who believe the law has been done away with. Sin is lawlessness (1.John 3:4), so if a person believes there is no law anymore, they are living in sin. Yahshua (Jesus) cannot defend a person who is willfully sinning.

But if we sin unintentionally, the devil is right there accusing us to Yahweh. The devil is standing before the throne of Yahweh telling Yahweh about all the times we sinned inadvertently. If we confess our unintentional sin to Yahweh, asks His forgiveness, renew our faith in Yahshua and the cross and we decide to repent (to come back to obeying the law of Moses), we will be forgiven. (1.John 1:9)

When we are forgiven that way the devil´s case is dismissed in the heavenly courts, and he has no authority over us anymore. But if we believe the law has been done away with, and we believe Yahshua died for us, we are living in sin. If we live in sin, the devil will make his case, and we will have no defense in heaven. Then the devil will have authority in our lives.

Sin is what gives the devil authority over us. We know sin is lawlessness, (1.John 3:4), so every time you believe the law has been done away with you are giving the devil authority in your life. Then it is easy to see who is benefiting from the doctrine that says “we are under grace, not under the law for the law has been done away with.” The devil benefits every time a pastor, priest, evangelist tells someone the law has been done away with because that gives him legal authority over the lives of those who believe that lie.

How do you overcome the devil?

There is only one way to overcome the devil, and it is found in Revelation 12:11. If you believe Yahshua (Jesus Christ) died for your sins, and you obey the law of Moses, you have a promise from Yahweh (God) that you will overcome the devil.

The devil has no hold and no authority over a person who believes Yahshua died for their sins and obeyed the law of Moses. A person who believes Yahshua died for their sins and did not follow the law of Moses is living in sin. That person is still under the devil’s control. But a person who believes Yahshua died for them, and obeys the law of Moses, can know for sure the devil has no authority in their lives.

That person who believes Yahshua died for their sins, and obeys the law of Moses, can know for sure they are forgiven each time they sin unintentionally (1.John 1:9). They will not have a problem free life, no not at all. The devil will be permitted to attack them and try to tempt them to sin intentionally. But they will know that as long as they keep themselves to the cross, and the law of Moses, they have no reason to fear such an attack. For Yahweh (God) has chosen them to be His people and He has chosen Himself to be their God. Yahweh has promised in Deut 28:1-13 that He and He alone will deal with every attack that comes against those who are reconciled to Him through faith in the cross and obeys the law of Moses.

So let me ask you this, are you an overcomer or has the devil still an open door into your life because you believe the lie the law has been done away with?

If you will shut that door and lock it by believing and obeying the law of Moses, your life will change, and you will see Deut 28:1-13 becoming a reality in your life.

The choice is yours, Yahweh will not choose for you.


Apostle Ernie

A sinner saved by grace, called to the office of an apostle. Jesus died for me, that is my only hope so I cling to the cross of Christ. Without the death of Christ on the cross I will be lost. But the cross of Christ is the source to ALL I need in this life and the next one. Apostle Ernie

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