How to pray with faith on a Monday morning

When we face challenges in our lives, our deep-rooted beliefs are is exposed in one way or the other. When the Shabbat started on Friday, and yesterday in the church the challenges of a new week seemed far away, so it was easy then to have faith in Yehovah. But now we can not ignore the truth anymore. A new week has arrived, and as always, it brings with it challenges. How we deal with these challenges exposes what you believe deep down inside.

Do you believe Yehovah can answer your prayers?

Last week we talked about how important it is to have faith to be pleasing to Yehovah. How important it is for us to believe and obey Him to get out of the Ziglag of our lives, even if it is unpleasant at times. Whatever challenges you are facing this week, seemed to be lightyears away last week. So it was easy on Friday to read about Ziklag, and it was easy to believe in Yehovah. But now it is Monday, and now you are being rechallenged and, the question is, do you think Yehovah can answer your prayers?

In Philippian 4:6 the Apostle Paul says “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your request to God.”

This is how the Bible is telling us to deal with Monday mornings. Whatever you are facing this week, you are not to be anxious about it. We know already from Matthew 6:25-34 Yeshua says that if we are obeying the law of Moses, we are righteous. And if we are righteous, we can know for sure Yehovah our Father will meet all of our needs. (1.John 2:6, 3:7, Matt 23:2, 6:25-34, James 2:14-26) So what Paul is saying here in Phillipian is this, if you are obeying the law of Moses you have no reason to be anxious today.

We know this is true, but sometimes, that does not remove the things in life that makes us anxious. We know the promises of Yehovah says we have no reason to worry if we are righteous and reconciled to Him, but the Ziklag of our lives are still there. We still have to wake up today to an uncertain future, we still have to face another day battling cancer or financial chaos. So how do we handle this, because we all know it is not easy to choose not to be anxious when the circumstances of our lives are so loud sometimes.

Last week, we learned from 1.Samuel 30 it is ok to weep. King David and his men wept so much they had no strength left in them to weep. So it is ok and not a sin for you to weep over your circumstances. But as we learned last week, the key is to choose not to stay in Ziklag weeping.

The Apostle Paul is telling us in Philippian 4:6 the key to handle our Ziklag is to pray. With prayer, petition, and thanksgiving we are to present our requests to Yehovah, and if we do this, the peace of Yehovah will guard our minds and hearts in Yeshua. (Phil 4:7)

The way we pray reveals the truth about what we believe deep down inside. It is easy on the Shabbat or on Sunday in church to pray with faith when the circumstances and challenges of next week are far removed from us. But how we word our prayers early Monday morning reveals what we believe deep down inside. In 1.Samuel 30 King David and his men did not stay in Ziklag weeping. When they could not weep any more, King David prayed, and Yehovah answered.

You can right now choose to do what David did. Choose to face the challenges of this week head on with prayer. But as I said, the way we pray reveals the truth about our beliefs deep down inside.

Yeshua came to us as a prophet to show us how to live as sons and daughters of Yehovah. (Rom 2:29, Matt 23:2, 1.John 2:6, 3:7, James 2:14-26) Of course, He was also Yehovah (God) in the flesh (Rom 10:9, John 1, 8:58) who came to die for our sins. (John 3:16, Lev 17:11). When He lived among us here on earth His job was to show us how to live and obey the law of Moses, as true Jews. (Isaiah 56:3) One of the things He taught us was how to pray. In John 11:42, and Matthew 6:9-13 He taught us to pray to Yehovah for everything.

So many times, we find ourselves asking Yehovah to make other people help us. We find ourselves asking Yehovah to make other people fall in love with us, to make other people see our needs, to make other people fight for us. When we ask Him to do this, our faith is no longer in Yehovah. Instead, our faith is in human beings. If you are facing a challenge this week, and you are asking Yehovah to make other people help you, your challenges have revealed to you that your faith is wrong.

Yeshua taught us to believe Yehovah and not man for everything. So when we are to pray, petition and give thanks to Yehovah, we are not to ask Him to make other people do things for us. If you need money, you are not to ask Him to make other people give you money. You are to ask Him directly to give you the money you need and then thank Him in advance for doing it. (Mark 11:24, Phil 4:6). Then Yehovah will guard your minds and your hearts in Yeshua and fill you with His peace (Phil 4:7). If you need healing, you do not ask Him to make the doctor heal you. You are to ask Him directly to heal you and then thank Him in advance for doing it. You might hear Him say “go see the doctor,” and if He does, you must obey Him. Then Yehovah will guard your minds and your hearts in Yeshua and fill you with His peace (Phil 4:7)

Whatever you need today you must ask it from Yehovah and thank Him in advance for answering your prayer. And if you don’t see the prayers answered right away it is ok to ask again, and again and again until you see it answered. (Phil 4:6,7 Mark 11:24)

When you ask Yehovah for it, He might decide to use human beings and circumstances to give it to you. But because you have asked Him for it, and not asked Him to make a human being do it for you, it is Yehovah who gets the glory when your prayers are answered. For this is all about who gets the Glory when your prayers are answered, a human being or Yehovah. Yehovah is a jealous God, and He does not share His glory with anyone.

When King David asked Yehovah in prayer what to do next, (1.Samuel 30), He told him to do something that was unpleasant. Yehovah told David to pursue the Amalekites and guaranteed him victory if he obeyed. So David went after them, defeated them in battle and won back everything and everyone they had stolen.

Sometimes Yehovah will use human beings and circumstances to answer your prayers. So when you ask Him in prayer today, make sure you are willing to obey whatever He tells you to do, or else you will not see your prayers answered.

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