Natural circumstances and humans can be answer to prayer

How do you expect Yehovah to answer your prayers? Do you believe He will use angels and miracles, and never human beings? Or do you believe it is possible for Him to use circumstances in our lives and human beings as an answer to our prayers? How you believe Yehovah will answer your prayer will determine if you will see your prayers answered or not.

In 1.Samuel 30, the Amalekites have just raided Ziklag. They took everything and everyone that belonged to King David and his men. Why did Yahovah allow this to happen? Or more to the point, why did Yehovah allow you to go through what you have gone through in your life? Why did He not prevent you from getting that cancer, stop your spouse from divorcing you or keep that drunk driver from getting behind the wheel of that car so those you love would still be alive today?

Yes, sometimes it is disobedience in our own lives that have caused these things to happen. The Bible is evident on this in Deuteronomy 28:14-45, if we are disobedient, Yehovah will curse us with diseases and problems. But sometimes it is not our disobedience. Sometimes the Amalekites of our lives take everything we have and everyone we love, and we have done nothing to deserve it.

When that happens, it is not a sin to weep over it and mourn over it. We remember from 1.Samuel 30 how King David and his men wept until they had no more strength left to weep. And if it has happened because of your disobedience, there is only one solution, repent, ask for forgiveness and get back on your feet again. But sometimes things like this happen in our lives, and it is not because of our disobedience. What do we do then?

What did King David do? After they had returned to Ziklag, and after they had mourned the loss of their family and possessions, Davids men became very angry at him. They held him responsible for this and was at one point talking about stoning him to death as punishment. (1.Samuel 30:6) We have all been in similar situations where our loved ones have turned on us because of something that was not our fault. Or situations where we have become so depressed over our circumstances that we have felt like we were about to be stoned to death by them. How did King David handle the situation?

The Bible says in 1.Samuel 30:6 he strengthened himself in Yehovah.

I do not know what your Ziklag is. Perhaps it is cancer, divorce, financial chaos or the death of a loved one. You did nothing wrong, but this still happened and now you have wept until you can weep no more, and now you feel like the circumstances are about to stone you to death. We have all been there when our circumstances are so loud it feels like we are surrounded by an angry mob with stones in their hands about to kill us. No matter what your circumstances might be, you will overcome this if you decide to strengthen yourself in Yehovah.

When the crowds of divorce, cancer, financial chaos, and bankruptcy are screaming “stone him!” it is difficult to know how to strengthen yourself in Yehovah. So let me help you: Strengthening yourself in Yehovah is to remind yourself what He has done for you in the past and to decide to trust only in Him for a solution to your current problems. And yes I know for some of you, the crowds are yelling “stone him !” so loud that you need me to explain this further.

Whatever your Ziklag might be, the Bible says Yehovah is stronger. If the crowds are holding up stones of financial chaos and debt, you know Yehovah is your provider. If the masses are holding up stones of cancer, you know Yehovah is your healer. Whatever type of rocks the crowds might be holding up ready to throw at you, your God whose name is Yehovah is stronger and has a solution. But you have to decide who you want to focus on, the stones or Yehovah.

King David decided to focus on Yehovah, so he asked in prayer what to do next, and the answer was pursue them, and you will take back everything that was stolen from you. (1.Samuel 30:7). Imagine this scene, King David, and his 600 men had just returned to Ziklag and found everything burned to the ground and their loved ones are taken into captivity. They had wept until they could weep no more. They had tried to stone David in anger over what had happened. And then Yehovah tells them to pursue the Amalekites. At this point, they had to be tired, exhausted and depressed. Most of us would have wanted to go to bed and let Yehovah take care of it himself while we were sleeping. But King David knew that if he wanted to see victory, he had to obey Yehovah even if it was uncomfortable.

Let me ask you this question, what is it that Yehovah has told you to do to have victory over your Ziklag, but you have not obeyed Him yet because it felt too uncomfortable and you just wanted Yehovah to do it for you. You are in danger of not seeing your prayers answered.

When Moses was walking in the desert and saw the burning bush (Exodus 3:1-17), he objected when Yehovah told him to go to Pharaoh and demand the release of our forefathers the Israelites. Moses knew at that point he was a Hebrew, he knew his people were in captivity and had prayed for centuries to be released. When Yehovah answered that prayer, he wanted Yehovah to do it for him. But instead, Yehovah told him to go and do it, guaranteeing victory because Yehovah would be with him every step of the way.

Because King David pursued the Amalekites and Moses obeyed in the end and went into Pharaoh demanding the release of the Israelites, King David won back everything that was lost and the Egyptian army was drowned in the Red Sea. They both had to obey and do something that was scary, dangerous, uncomfortable to see the answer to their prayer. But when they obeyed, they saw the miracle they were hoping for.

What is the miracle you are praying for? Is it healing? Financial deliverance? Restoration of broken marriages?

Whatever it is I can guarantee you this one thing, Yehovah has told you to do something that will guarantee the answer to your prayer, but so far you have refused to obey because it is too difficult, too dangerous, too uncomfortable. Or perhaps you believe the lie that “Jesus did it all, so I don’t have to do anything.”

Yes, that is a lie that will not only keep you out of heaven, but that will also hinder you from getting your prayers answered. Nowhere in the Bible does it say we can sit still on a chair and things will magically come to us. It says we are to ask Yehovah what He wants us to do, and if we obey Him, things will start happening in our lives. And when we obey Him, He might decide to use human beings to bring our answer to prayer and even natural circumstances. But because we have asked Him to give us the answer to our prayer and not asked Him to make people or circumstances give us the answer to our prayer, He gets the glory, and we get the answers.

How does this look like?

If you need healing right now, you should ask Yehovah to heal you and expect Him to answer. But you must be open to hearing Him say “go and see a doctor.” So many people today want to be healed, and Yehovah is telling them which doctor to use, but they want Him to do it and not a doctor so they will never be healed. Are you one of them who have heard Yehovah telling you to go to the doctor but you have refused? Then you are being disobedient and will never see healing. Or maybe Yehovah have told you how to change your diet, but you have refused to change because you want Him to heal you directly? Then you are being disobedient and will never see healing. Yes, Yehovah can and will heal directly, but most of the time He answers prayers using human beings and natural circumstances. (1.Samuel 30, the book of Exodus). So what if your health issues are a result of something you lack in your diet, and Yehovah who made you is trying to tell you to change your diet. What if He has told you what to eat to get well but you refuse to obey Him, and you keep eating the same stuff that makes you sick expecting Him to heal you. Why should He heal you if you are making yourself sick?

If you need money right now and cant pay your bills, you should ask Yehovah to provide the money you need and expect Him to answer. But you must be open to hearing His direction on how to get what you need, even if you don’t understand why.

When we ask Yehovah in prayer to do things for us, and we at the same time tell Him how to do it, we are negating the answer to our prayer. So instead of telling Yehovah how to do things, we should ask Him in prayer to pay our bills, heal us, make us debt free, restore our marriage, (fill in what you need Him to do) and then wait and see what He says. And then we MUST obey Him, even if we don’t understand it, it seems dangerous, uncomfortable to us. Because the truth is this, He uses human beings, circumstances and direct heavenly intervention to answer our prayers so we must be open to accepting His way of doing things or else we will never see our prayers answered.

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