How are you at handling life on a Monday morning?

How are you at handling life? I have been a Christian since 2001, and there is one thing I have learned is that life can bring you some surprises. When I was a child I had the luxury of leaving those surprises to my parents, but when I am an adult, I have people who depend on me being able to handle every unexpected circumstance, and curveball life might throw at you. I am still human, so I still get scared, worried, fearful, anxious, tired, stressed out when life sometimes explodes in my face. Because I have a family I have people depending on me; I dont have the luxury of quitting when life hands me another curveball. I have to deal with it, find a solution and fix what has happened even though I most of the time hope someone older then I would step in and do it for me.

The Bible says in Rom 2:29 I am a Jew and chosen by Yehovah (God) because I obey the Torah and believe Yeshua died for me. Matthew 6:25-34 says I am not supposed to worry when life gives me another surprise because Yehovah knows what I need and is standing ready to help me.

I find it easy to avoid worrying when I dont have to deal with something right here and right now. Budgeting, planning is easy for me to do when I combine it with faith and prayer knowing Yehovah will help me. But what I am having a hard time with sometimes is handling the right here and now crisis. Those things that sneak up on you like a crouching tiger and then attack with a roar that is sometimes so loud you can’t think straight.

If there is one thing, you learn as an adult is that your life is not a Hallmark movie. You see all these Hallmark movies at Christmas time where everything is perfect, the decorations, the food, the house is well kept and tidy, and everyone is healthy, wealthy and rested. That is not real life, that is a phantasy. In real life, it takes hours of work to do the decorations, prepare the food and clean the house. In real life, people get sick, have headaches, feel exhausted and just want to sit down and relax with a pizza instead of a three-course meal even if it is Christmas.

Real life is never a Hallmark movie, in real life, there will always be things you have to do, and they can’t wait no matter how you might feel. And sometimes, unexpected things will happen demand your attention in addition to all the other things you have to take care of right away. Even though you might be tired, exhausted, scared, burned out, fearful you have no choice. You have to pay your bills on time, show up for work on time, clean the house, clean the dishes and do the laundry no matter how you might feel. And sometimes you have to do all these things, and take care of a sudden unexpected crisis on top of it all.

Is it any wonder we sometimes feel tempted to go back in time to be a child again?

Being an adult is never easy and having to face a Monday morning is never easy. How are you at handling life and why are you not living Matthew 6:25-34 right now?

I have been a Jew since 2001, and quite often I find myself wishing I was a child again. I quite often find myself too tired, exhausted, fearful, stressed out or worried to deal with the realities of life. I dont want to do the dishes after having worked at my 9-5 job because I am tired. I dont want to cook dinner, do the laundry in the weekends because I feel so exhausted after a long week at work and I just want to relax. I dont want to do any of these things, but I have no choice because nobody else will show up and do them for me.

I have a family and people who depend on me to solve things and fix them, even if it is challenging at times.

Today it is Monday and most of would like to have a time machine to go back in time to the weekend or fast forward to Friday afternoon, but in real life, we have to face Monday head on and be responsible adults. So how do you face Monday as a responsible adult? And how do you get to live Matthew 6:25-34 with great faith in Yehovah and what He can do for you? Because if you are like the rest of us, you struggle at times and feel more like the disciples in the boat or Peter sinking in the waves.

Ever since I became a Jew (Rom 2:29, John 1:12, 3:16) in  2001, I have read a ton of books telling me how to handle life and be a responsible Jewish adult. All of these “Christian” self-help books have agreed on one thing, if you walk in faith, decree the promises of God over your life and pray you will face Monday and the responsibilities of life head on without a problem. So many times I have thought to myself “that easy for you to say, you have not lived my life.”

The Bible, on the other hand, says if you will obey the Torah, believe Yeshua died for you, Yehovah (God) will do the rest and give you what you need when you need it. (Ex 19:5, Rev 12:11) In my experience, the only thing that works is to do what the Bible says as long as I am rested, at peace, with a quiet mind. When I feel sleep deprived, stressed out and my mind is racing it not that easy.

If it is in the Bible, why does it not always work for us no matter the circumstances we are in?

Everything we need from Yehovah is dependent on our obedience to His Torah and our faith and trust in His promises and the cross. Faith in His promises depends on us being willing to believe it has already happened (Mark 11:23, James 2:10-26). So if you need healing right now, faith in His promise to heal you has to show itself in how you relate to your sickness. If you need provision right now, faith in His promise to provide has to show itself in how you relate to your financial need.

The Bible is not telling you to ignore reality; if you are sick, you are sick if you have a financial crisis you have a financial crisis. But it is not telling you to stay focused on what you dont have. Instead, it tells you to acknowledge your need but then remind yourself what your God Yehovah has promised you He is about to do for you.

The Bible promises this to everyone who is a Jew by being obedient to the Torah believing Yeshua died for them. The Bible also says God can not lie, so this will happen if you stay a Jew with faith in His promises.

The Bible says in 1.Pet 5:8 the devil goes around like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. We know from Matthew 4:1-11 and Genesis 1 the devil reads the Bible, so he knows that if you stay a Jew with faith in the promises of Yehovah, you will see miracles of the same magnitude Moses saw at the banks of the Red Sea.

This is why it is not that easy for us to handle the unexpected curve balls of life and the responsibilities we have to take care of, including facing a Monday morning. The devil does not want you to have your Red Sea miracle, so when he sees you entering into a stressful situation (or waking up on a Monday morning), he knows you will see your miracle if he does not succeed in fighting you every step of the way.

On a Monday morning, or in any stressful situation for that matter, you need a clear, quiet focused mind so you can hear the Holy Spirit reminding you of Gods promises and giving you direction for the day. You need the Holy Spirits coaching to help you see how to have faith in Gods promises when your circumstances say otherwise.

This is when the devil sets in his attack against your mind, bombarding it with every possible suggestion, thought and idea masqueraded as your thoughts, suggestions, and ideas. You will suddenly have thoughts like “I am so tired, why does it always have to be me, this is not fair, I dont want to do this I will leave it to someone else”  If you dont fight that you will never win, you will still be saved living as an obedient reconciled Jew, but you will never see victory in your life because you will be robbed of every ounce of faith.

So what do you?

A long time ago I discovered the techniques given to me from several Christian self-help ministries does not work.

The only that works are what the Bible says, being obedient and reconciled by faith exercising my faith in His promises. But that only works as long as I am not being bombarded in my mind by the devil’s attacks.

Last week, we talked about legalism and how you can even be legalistic if you say that Gods forbid something He has never said is a sin. Something we know for sure without a doubt is a sin, its a sin to even utter the name of a false god, but we know its not a sin to meditate, and it’s not a sin to chant a word that has no meaning in itself other than to focus your mind.

After doing a lot of research in the Bible on things like chakras and the word OM (or AUM) I can’t see anything wrong with it. The word OM is not a name for a false deity, so it would not be a sin to say it. We know the Bible does not say it is a sin to meditate, in fact, it encourages us to do so. And we know the Bible even speaks about chakras which are nothing more than spiritual energy centers in the body. We also know that Romans 1:19-21 says God has made Himself known to us, so we can find knowledge about God in other religions as long as that knowledge is not a sin and in direct violation to a Torah commandment.

So what do I do when the devil tries to flood my mind with thoughts, suggestions, ideas to steal my faith in Yehovah’s promises?

I choose to meditate and chant the word OM.

When I focus my mind on OM I feel my mind calming down, I can hear the Holy Spirit speak clearly to me and my faith in His promises soars to new levels I have never seen before. What the devil suggests to me vanishes like dust in the wind and all that is left is the Holy Spirit guiding me like never before in total calm.

All this because I chant silently inside of me the word OM while I go about with my chores, dealing with sudden curveballs and responsibility I have to take care of even if I dont want to.

And when I do chant OM inside of me, I feel Yehovah giving me the courage, the joy, the inspiration, the wisdom I need to take on a Monday morning, unexpected curveballs and lives responsibilities I dont want to deal with, but I have no choice. Something within me changes when I start my chores, my boring, exhausting responsibilities while I am chanting OM and suddenly I have joy, peace, strength, and wisdom that is exactly what the Bible promises me in Deut 28:1-13.

Suddenly I feel the joy and the peace of the Lord filling me when I am making dinner, even though I am tired after a long day at work. I feel His guiding inspiration telling me how to solve mundane tasks, even how to prepare dinner, so it tastes better and is more nutritious.

I would never utter the name of a false god, that would be an abomination to Yehovah. But its nothing sinful with meditating, its even encouraged in the Bible. Its nothing sinful about saying a word that does not mean anything, but it helps you to focus your mind so you can hear the Holy Spirit more clearly and it quiets the voice of the devil who is trying to steal my birthright as a member of Gods chosen people the Jews. It is not sinful to heal your chakras; the Bible even mention chakras. So why would it be sinful to heal something the Bible says is a gift from God?

So we must never become so legalistic that we reject things that can help us fight the devil, increase our faith and lead us to victory as Jews. If the Bible does not forbid it, then it is allowed as long as we know we have been responsible Jews and made sure everything we do is in line with the Torah.

So choose today to face Monday head-on by meditating and quieting your mind with the word OM. You will, like me, be amazed at all the wonderful things that start happening around you.




Apostle Ernie

A sinner saved by grace, called to the office of an apostle. Jesus died for me, that is my only hope so I cling to the cross of Christ. Without the death of Christ on the cross I will be lost. But the cross of Christ is the source to ALL I need in this life and the next one. Apostle Ernie

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