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When I first became a Christian in 2001, I was quickly introduced to Christianities dualistic understanding of our reality. The dualism of Christianity is built upon the idea that everything physical is sinful and everything spiritual is good, so we accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior, and then we wait for the rapture or death to take us away from this evil world. Knowing you are safe for all eternity is a comfort, knowing that if you died right now you would wake up in heaven is a good thing. This is Christianities main focus, get people saved and rescued for all eternity so if they suddenly died they would wake up in heaven and not in hell.

The average life expectancy for a human being is about 70 years of age, so if you accept Christ at the age of 20, you can still expect to live about 50 more years on this earth. During the rest of your life, you will still have to pay your bills on time, handle unexpected circumstances, and navigate your way through the storms of life we all go through. With such an emphasis on getting to heaven when you die, Christianity cannot give you an answer on how to handle the storms of life we all go through.  Its all about an escaping this evil, sinful world as soon as possible and at the same time ignoring the facts of life. What you need is a God who can get you through the next 50 years of life, and at the same time give you the gift of eternal life.

Where can I find this God you might ask?

Yehovah, the Jewish God of the Bible, is the one who gave us Yeshua (Jesus Christ) and the gift of eternal life. He is also the God who is well able to get you through the next 50 years of life, no matter what kind of storms might come your way.

Christianity is founded on the Bible, but it has willfully chosen to ignore the parts of the Bible it does not like and only emphasized what it can accept such as salvation and eternal life.  The reason for this is a hatred for the Jews. People like Martin Luther and the early church fathers who founded must of today’s church doctrines hated the Jews and did not want anything to with them. They felt such a hate for the Jews that they willfully ignored the parts of the Bible they did not like, and the result was a religion that can only make false promises of eternal life and never give any answers or direction for how to guide through the storms of life you will be facing the next years.

If you want a relationship with the God of the Bible whose name is Yehovah, and the same God who can and will provide eternal life AND get you through the next 50 years on this earth, you have to do what the Bible says.

The Bible says in Isaiah 56:3, Ex 19:5, Rom 2:29 Salvation is not about getting to heaven when you die or making sure you go in the rapture. Salvation is all about becoming the kind of man and the kind of woman Yehovah wants to share eternity and the new earth with. To become that kind of man or that kind of woman, you have to know what kind of person Yehovah wants to spend eternity with.

In Luke 3:22 and Matt 5:5 Yehovah tells us what kind of person He wants you to be, He wants you to become like Yeshua (Jesus Christ).This is why the Bible says in 1.John 2:6 the one who claims to be in Christ has to live the way He lived. So how did Yeshua live His life? Every Christian, regardless of their denomination, knows the answer to this. Yeshua was the sinless lamb of God who kept Torah and obeyed every commandment that applied to Him as a Jewish male living in Israel with access to a temple. So then we know that the kind of person Yehovah wants you to become is the man or woman who keeps and obeys every commandment in the Torah applicable to your gender living outside of Israel without access to the temple.

Because you have already broken the Torah in the past, He also expects you to believe Yeshua died for your sins. This is required to be reconciled to Yehovah and forgiven for your past sins.

If you are that kind of man or that kind of woman, obedient to the Torah reconciled by faith in the cross, you will inherit the new earth (Matt 5:5) and eternal life (John 1:12, 3:16). You will become a Jew (Isaiah 56:3, Rom 2:29) regardless of what your parents believed in, and you will enter into a relationship with Yehovah who has committed Himself to help you the rest of your time on this earth before He gives you citizenship in His Kingdom in the new earth.

Do you need help to navigate your way through the storms of life? Do you want to inherit eternal life when you die?

Make sure you are a Jew because only Jews who are reconciled to Him by the death of Yeshua, being obedient to the Torah, will have a relationship with and the help of Yehovah for this life. We are the only ones who will inherit eternal life when we die.

Apostle Ernie

A sinner saved by grace, called to the office of an apostle. Jesus died for me, that is my only hope so I cling to the cross of Christ. Without the death of Christ on the cross I will be lost. But the cross of Christ is the source to ALL I need in this life and the next one. Apostle Ernie

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