Do you believe you are made in the image of God?

Do you believe you are made in the image of God?

Usually, there are three different explanations of Gen 1:27 on what it means that human beings are made in the image of God. Some would say we are made in the image of God because we are different from animals because we can rationalize and understand things better. Others would say we are made in the image of God because we have a relationship with each other and with our creator.  We as human beings can understand and accept the Gospel, and by doing so build a relationship with our creator. A third view says we as human beings have authority to rule on Gods behalf on this earth.

Do you believe we as human beings have understood and rationalized this world into a better place? Have we made a good lasting relationship with each other and our creator and by doing so made this world into a better place? Are we doing a good job at ruling this earth and making it into a better place?

Is it fair to say the world is in chaos and human beings, created in the image of God, have lost sight of their true identity? Not too long ago it became legal in the state of New York to take the life of a child 1 minute before they are born. Every year billions of unborn children are murdered in their mother’s wombs all over the world. In Venezuela, Iraq, North Korea and other countries around the world people are suffering and dying by the minute. All of this is happening because of Eve fell prey to the devil’s deception and ate of the apple. Ever since then humankind has been under the dominion of sin. Do we as human beings still carry the image of God (Gen 1:27) or did we lose that the day Adam and Eve got kicked out of the garden? How can someone who carries the image of God do such evil and heinous act against their fellow man who is also the image of God? What does it mean to be created in the image of God?

It is obvious that mankind has lost the image of God because the world is not turning into a better place. So we are unable to use our cognitive abilities to make it a better place. So far we have not built good lasting relationships with each other and our creator, and by doing so, made it into a better place. And we have not done a very good job at ruling this earth, so it becomes a better place.

Have we lost the image of God the day we got kicked out of the garden? And what does it mean to be created in His image?

Mainstream Christianity would answer these questions this way. Adam and Eve were created in the image of God (Gen 1:27), but they had a son in Adams image (Gen 5:3). So Gen 5:3 says we lost the image of God the day we got kicked out of the garden. In Rom 7:15-20 Paul speaks about being unable to stop himself from doing the things he does not want to do, and unable to do the things he knows are right to do. Mainstream Christianity would claim this shows us that we lost the image of God when we were kicked out of the garden, and it has given us the inherited disease called the sin nature. From these three scriptures, mainstream Christianity has formed what is called the doctrine of original sin also known as the sin nature. They believe Adam and Eve lost the image of God when they were kicked out of the garden and passed their sin nature on to their son in Gen 5:3. Because of Rom 7:15-20 they believe the sin nature controls and forces us to sin, so it makes it impossible for us to obey God. This is why they teach that the Torah is a burden and something we need to be freed from. They say that if we believe Jesus died for our sins, we will reclaim the image of God by faith because He kept the law for us. So by faith in Jesus, we will be made righteous because He is the righteousness of God.

Have you ever read your own Bible to see if this is true?

Even though mainstream Christianity believes we somehow reclaim the image of God by faith in the cross they seem unable to agree on important things such as salvation, how to live for God and how not to live for God. Right now we have more than 40 000 + denominations who all claim to live for God, to walk in His image, but they all disagree on what the Bible says about certain things. We have Christians who claim it is ok to murder babies; we have Christians who claim it is ok to be married to or have sex with someone of the same gender and we have Christians who claim it is ok to divorce and remarry. Other Christians claim it is ok to drink alcohol as long as it is moderate drinking, even though the Bible says alcohol is witchcraft. With such confusion amongst Christians, is it any wonder we do not see a revival?

If faith in Christ on the cross is supposed to make us righteous and give us back the image of  God, should we not then be able to cooperate and agree? If you take a hard look at mainstream Christianity right now, you will soon see how confused they are. Considering they serve a God who knows we are unable to obey His law and punishes us with everlasting hellfire for something we can’t do it should surprise us. It must be confusing to serve a god like that who can’t agree with himself and punishes his children for something they can’t do even they wanted to.

Have you ever stopped and thought about how the normal Gospel presentation in mainstream Christianity sounds like to an unsaved person? They are told they are born with a sin nature that controls them and makes it impossible for them do to what is right. Because of their inherited sin nature, they can’t live right and please God even if they wanted to,  so if they dont accept Jesus, they are going to hell for something they can’t stop themselves from doing. Nobody in their right mind would want to work for an employer who expects you to do the impossible and then punishes you for not being able to do it. Nobody in their right mind would want to worship a God who expects you to do the impossible, who knows you are unable to obey Him because of a disease you inherited from your forefathers and then decides to send you to hell for your inherited disease that forces you to sin. It would also be very difficult for most of us to accept such a god as father, he sounds more like a schizophrenic father than a loving God the way he is unable to make up his mind, and he punishes his children for something they can’t do even if they wanted to.

Something is wrong somewhere, and it all has to do with a huge misunderstanding on what it means to be Gods image carriers and the doctrine of original sin (Gen 1:27)

We might as well accept it, the doctrine of original sin does not make sense, and it makes Yehovah out to be a schizophrenic god nobody wants anything to do with. Nobody in their right mind would worship or love a god who expects you to do the impossible, who knows you are unable to do the impossible, and then sends you to hell for all eternity because you can’t do the impossible. Can we find the doctrine of original sin in the Bible?

The answer is no, the doctrine of original sin is nowhere to be found in the Bible, it is a man-made doctrine.

Yeshua rebuked the Pharisees for making their man-made doctrines into law the way the Christian church has made the doctrine of original sin into a law. If He walked the earth today, He would have rebuked the Christian church for believing such a lie as the doctrine of original sin. But the Bible says we who are united with Him (1.John 2:6) and have accepted Him (John 1:12, 3:16) are His representatives on earth. So we are the ones who should be rebuking mainstream Christianity for obeying man-made laws and man-made doctrines instead of the Torah. (Mark 7:13)

The doctrine of original sin was created by St.Augustin of Hippo who lived from 354 AD-430 AD. St.Augustin was a philosopher and a bishop who is responsible for most of the doctrines in modern Christianity. If he had been alive today, we would have considered him to be antisemitic because of his hatred towards the Jews. Most of what mainstream Christianity believes comes from the minds of men like St.Augustin, Chrysostom’s and the great reformer Martin Luther. They were all known for a strong hatred towards the Jews, Adolf Hitler even got his ideas about the consecration camps from Martin Luther.

How can mainstream Christianity claim to believe in the Jewish God of the Bible, claim to be saved by the Jewish Messiah Yeshua when they build their faith and their Bible interpretations on what men like St.Augustin, Chrysostom and Martin Luther have said?

You would never allow Adolph Hitler to interpret the Bible for you, but he and most of the church fathers agreed when it comes to the Jews. Why then would you allow them to interpret the Bible for you and tell you what to believe as a Christian?

When we read the Bible we have today it is very obvious it is a Jewish book about a Jewish God and His love for the Jewish people. Before Martin Luther decided he wanted to kill as many Jews as possible, he said you couldn’t properly understand the Bible if you dont read it with the mind of a Hebrew. This should tell us how important it is to remember the Bible is a Jewish book, written by Jews about the Jewish Messiah Yeshua and His Jewish Apostles. It is also a book about the Jewish man Saul who came to faith in His Messiah and says in Rom 2:29, 1.Cor 11:1 those who live as a Jew in obedience to the Torah with faith in the cross are the true Jews regardless of where and when they were born. In Gal 1:14 Paul says Judaism has nothing to do with the Torah, it is just a construction of men’s doctrines and traditions just as much of mainstream Christianity today. Paul left Judaism in favor of Torah obedience and faith in the cross, why then should we stay in mainstream Christianity when it favors men’s doctrines, traditions over the Bible?

Even Yeshua (Jesus) Himself says He was not sent to the Gentiles, He was sent to the lost sheep of the house of Israel (Matt 15:24). Yeshua did not come for those of another faith, He came to restore the lost sheep from the house of Israel back to their original identity, and they have all be scattered abroad amongst the nations. If the Bible is Jewish, if Yeshua is Jewish and if the entire Bible is all about Yehovah the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob calling His people back into covenant with Him, we should never accept doctrines or bible interpretations coming from the mind of someone who is antisemitic even though their names might be Martin Luther or St.Augustin. A person who is antisemitic cannot and will not understand the Bible, but if they try to preach what they cant and refuses to understand, we end up with doctrines that do not make sense just like the doctrine of original sin.

If Adolph Hitler tried to preach the Bible to you, you would of course not accept anything he had to say. You would rebuke it because you knew his doctrines would automatically be influenced by his antisemitic hate for the jews. Why then do you accept the doctrines of men like Martin Luther whom Hitler took most of his ideas on the Jews from?

The Bible says everything Yehovah makes is perfect including every human being (Gen 5). Every child that is born is born sin free and perfect without fault (Gen 5), but every child has a free will at one point in its life to decide to do evil. When it chooses to break the Torah, it becomes accountable to Yehovah for its sins and its actions. We have all done this (Rom 3:22) at one time in our lives, and because of it, Yehovah has divorced Himself from all of us. This is what happened with Adam and Eve, and this is why Adam had a son in his image. When we sin we lose the image of God. The only way back to covenant with Yehovah and His image is by faith in the cross, and obedience to His Torah.

If we rebuke the doctrine of original sin in favor of what the Bible teaches us, we are one step closer to understanding what it means to be created in the image of God. But we are also one step closer to a true revival because now we can tell others about Yehovah the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob who does not judge them for something they cant do. He says they are well able to live righteously, but because no one has ever done that and we have all chosen to do evil at one point in our lives, he judges us and holds us accountable for our actions brought on by our own free will.

So when we sin we break the Torah and we lose the image of God, but when we obey Torah, we reclaim the image of God. Adam and Eve were created in the image of God up until the day the ate of the apple; then they lost it. When they had a son in Adams image, it means his son continued to sin. We see this also with Cain and Able, sin is a choice and never something forced upon us.

Have you ever heard the expression “he/she is the spitting image of his/her parents”? When a child takes after their parents in mannerism, expressions, and behavior we can know who their parents are just by looking at them and how they live their lives. It would be fair to say they are the image bearers of their parents because they are so much like their mother and father everyone can see who they belong to.

In John 14:9 Yeshua says to Phillip “if you have seen Me you have seen the Father” and in John 5:19-20 Yeshua says He can only do what He sees His Father doing. We know from the Bible Yeshua never did anything on His own, He only obeyed His Father and because He obeyed His Father He was the spitting image of Yehovah a carrier of His Fathers image. This is why He says “if you have seen Me you have seen the Father.”

In mainstream Christianity, we like to talk about all the good things Jesus did while He was here on earth, how He healed everyone, was a friend of sinners and stood up for the oppressed. Mainstream Christianity makes it out to be as if the image of God is all about healings, miracles and being a friend of a sinner. But that is not all there is to it; we have to remember He also said things like Matthew 7:21-23 that not all who cast out demons in His name and did great and mighty works in His name would be recognized by Him. So it is quite possible to do great and mighty things in His name and still go to hell when you die. We have to remember that He said only those who do what He did and obey His Fathers law are His true brothers, sister, and family. (Matthew 12:50). This is what John is talking about in 1.John 2:6, 3:4, 3:7 when he says if you claim to be one with Christ you must live as He lived and we become righteous by what we do. We see this in James 2:10-26 where he says true faith always shows itself in works and obedience to the Mosaic law.

When Yeshua healed someone it always came with a condition “do not sin anymore or something worse might happen to you.” If the Bible defines sin as breaking the Torah (the Mosaic law) Yeshua is telling those He healed not to break the law anymore, but if they do, something worse will happen to them. How many of us have been healed and then gone right back to breaking the law of Moses only to lose our healing? How many of us have experienced a miracle and believed the lies of mainstream Christianity that says we dont have to keep Torah, only to find ourselves knee deep in an even worse mess than what we had before?

If we want Yeshua to heal us or deliver us, we have to accept everything also what He says about obedience to the Torah to keep our healing and keep our miracle. If we want to walk in the image of God and live in the image of God, we have to become the spitting image of God, so everyone who sees how we live our lives understands who we belong to.

If you want a relationship with Yeshua and walk in the image of God, you have to accept all of Him. Also the parts of Him that has expectations on how you should live your life and says you are well able to obey Him.

What did He do for the three and a half years He had His ministry here on earth? He healed people, He brought people back from the dead, made water into wine, walked on water, but He also taught His disciples how to obey the Torah. He taught His disciples how to reclaim the image of God that had been lost in the garden. He confronted those Pharisees who had made their own laws more important than the Torah and told them to repent back to Torah obedience. What would He have said to our pastors and evangelists who make their own laws and traditions more important than the Torah? He also said things like if you obey the Torah, you will have nothing to worry about, My heavenly Father will take care of you because you have shown your love for Me by obedience to the Torah. (Matt 6:25-34, 7:13). Contrary to what mainstream Christianity would tell you, Yeshua did not come only to die on the cross or to do miracles. For three and a half years He showed us how to live and how to reclaim the image of God. When you read Matthew 7:21-23 you understand it is more important to have the image of God than it is to speak in tongues and do great and mighty things. But you will also understand that if you have the image of God by obedience to the Torah and faith in the cross, you will also do great and mighty things in His name and speak in other tongues.

If Yeshua is the spitting image of His Father (John 14:9), we know He is the image of Yehovah. If He taught us how to live we understand He showed us how to become image bearers of God again. Now we understand the Bible says being created in the image of God has to do with how we live our lives. And now we understand how dangerous it is to believe in mainstream Christianities teaching that says we can not obey the Torah. For three and a half years Yeshua taught us how to obey the Torah so that we could reclaim our image of God. When mainstream Christianity says we can’t obey the Torah, they are saying we can’t ever reclaim our image of God. If you dont have the image of God, if you are not an image bearer, you are not saved (James 2:10-26) And now we understand why 1.John 2:6 says if we claim to be united with Yeshua we have to live as He lived, and Matthew 7:21-23 says there will come a day when He will say “I dont know you, depart from Me you workers of lawlessness.” He does not recognize those who do not reflect Gods image because they are not His brothers, His sisters, His family. Only those who do the will of His Father by obeying the Torah are His family and will be recognized by Him when they die. (Matt 12:50). They are the only one who are made in the image of God.

If we do not become the spitting image of Yehovah we cannot be saved, and we can only become the spitting image of Yehovah by doing what Yeshua taught us to do, and that is to obey the Torah properly.

When Adam was created, He was made in the image of Yehovah. When Eve was created from Adams’ rib, she was made in the image of Yehovah, not because they shared His physical appearance but because they both lived righteously obeying the Torah which is the standard of righteousness. When Adam and Eve had a son in Adams image, they had already sinned and been kicked out of the garden when you sin you lose the image of Yehovah. So what the Bible says is this, Adams son made in his image did not obey righteousness so therefore he was made in Adams image.

Having the image of God has nothing to do with our physical appearance, but it has everything to do with how we act and live our lives. This is what Yeshua was trying to teach us for three and a half years, how to get back to the image of God by learning how to obey the Torah again properly. This is also what mainstream Christianity is trying to take from you by teaching you it is impossible to obey the Torah, for if you believe that lie, you will never reclaim the image of God and one day you will hear “depart from Me for I dont know you, your workers of lawlessness.”

The reason why most people today have accepted mainstream Christianities attempts to steal the image of God from them is most people dont read their Bibles. We talked about this last week, and the week before that, how most people today define themselves as Christians but they never actually read their Bibles. Their faith is built on what their pastor or favorite TV evangelist tells them the Bible says. Without being aware of it, they have become idol worshipers who have a relationship with their pastor/TV evangelist instead of Yeshua. Only Yeshua died for your sins and only active faith in Yeshua shown in obedience to the Torah can and will save you. Active faith shown in obedience to what your pastor or evangelist says cannot and will never save you. When you build your faith on a humans opinions about the Bible, it is easy for the devil to use mainstream Christianity as a tool to steal the image of God from you.

One example of what happens if people dont read their Bibles is tithing.

On Sunday mornings pastors all over this world will get up on the pulpit and tell their congregation they need to give 10% of their income to God because it is in the Bible. Most of these pastors will also say their congregation dont need to obey the law of Moses because Abraham tithed to Melchizedek and the law was not given at that time. Because most people dont read their Bibles they believe this to be true.

The Bible, on the other hand, says the Gospel was preached to Abraham (Gal 3:8) and He obeyed the Torah (the law of Moses) (Gen 26:5)So we know from the Bible it is not true to say that Abraham did not have the law, he did have the law, he knew the law, and he obeyed it. When Abraham tithed, he did so because the law of Moses tells him to tithe.

Have you ever wondered why you dont have to keep the law of Moses, but you have to tithe when the Bible says Abraham kept the law of Moses?

Nowhere in the law of Moses are we told to tithe money, we are told to tithe of our crops, and we are specifically told to bring our tithe the temple in Jerusalem. We know the temple is gone, and most of us are not in Jerusalem, so even though the laws about tithing is still in effect, we cant obey it right now because what we need to obey it (the temple) does not exist.

So the Bible says we can’t tithe, and we never told to tithe money. If we tithed money right now, we would sin because we would obey mans-laws and traditions instead of the law of God. This is what happens on a Sunday morning when the pastor says you must tithe, he or she is legalistic because they have created their own laws about tithing and in doing so they are repeating the sins of the Pharisees. It makes you wonder what Yeshua would have said to our pastors and evangelists.

The Bible goes on to say in Gen 14:22-28 if we are too far from the temple we are to take our tithe and convert it into money, then we are to buy what our innermost being desires so we can eat, drink and in our homes. So if we are to reclaim the image of God, we can’t tithe, and we have to use the money He has blessed us with through our jobs on what our innermost being desires.

This is a radically different approach to what most pastors would tell you,  but it is so liberating because you now know the Bible tells you to use your hard earned money on yourself and your family.

How many of you have tithed your money and found that at the end of the month you were unable to care for yourself and your families needs, but if you could have used that 10% on yourself and your house all your needs would be covered?

Are we not supposed to give to the work of God?

Yes, the Bible says in 1 Cor 16:1 we are supposed to support the work of God financially, but it says that if we are to reclaim the image of God, we have to do the right thing. The right thing is to make sure our needs and our families needs are met, so we are to use our wages to pay our bills and buy whatever we and our families needs. If we have money left over, money we dont actually need because all our needs are met, then we are supposed to give that money to the work of God. How much we are to give all depends on what is left after we have covered our own and our families needs.

If we want to reclaim the image of God we have to obey the Torah when it comes to tithing, then we can’t give away 10% of our money when we need that money for ourselves and our families. Then we have no choice but only to give what we have left over after all our needs have been covered. And of course, if we have money to spare and we dont use it for the work of God, that would be a sin in itself. The Torah says we are to give what we have left.

1.Tim 5:8 says if you give your money away as a tithe to God and neglect your own house you are worse of than someone who is not saved. 1.Tim 5:8 proves how serious a sin it is to give a tithe or give gifts to the work of God when you need that money for yourself. 1.Cor 16:1 proves how serious a sin it is to not give to the work of God if you have money left over after all your needs have been met.

We know this is what the Bible says, but because most Christians dont read their own Bibles, we have Christians today giving away 10% of the money they need to take care of themselves. Nobody wants to “rob God” of what is owed to Him, so nobody wants to be that Christian who is cursed because they did not tithe and instead used that 10% to buy food, clothes, pay bills. So they give their money away, hoping God will bless that, but instead, they end up being broke. Being broke has consequences and leads to making further poor financial decisions such as using credit cards or acquiring consumer loans at a high interest rate. And before you know it, their financial lives are in chaos all because they have not read their Bibles and chosen to obey what a pastor told them about tithing.

If you believe you have to tithe your money you are being legalistic and have lost the image of God.  (1. Tim 5:8) If you, on the other hand, believe the Bible and what it has to say about tithing, you will choose to obey it, and by obeying it, you will reclaim the image of God.

Yeshua came to teach us how to reclaim the image of God through Torah obedience, but when Christians believe they only have to “ask Jesus into their hearts” and lies such as “the Torah is bad, evil and a burden”, their lives are turned into chaos and they have actually lost the image of God.

We reclaim the image of God through Torah obedience because when we obey the Torah, we become the spitting image of Yeshua and our heavenly Father. Torah obedience has to do with everything in our lives, even financial issues such as tithing.

The world is in chaos right now, and it does not seem to improve. We have 40 000 + different denominations, all claiming to be Christians and all unable to cooperate even though they all confess Jesus as their Lord and Savior. There is just 1 Bible, but 40 000 + different opinions on how to interpret that one Bible, we have Christians saying it is ok to be homosexual, divorced and remarried and have abortions even though the Bible specifically says those things are a sin. All over this world poverty is increasing, violence increases and each day it seems as if evil gets another upper hand.

Do we as a human being still carry the image of God? And if so, how can Gods image carriers be able to perform such evil and heinous acts towards each other as we see in North Korea, Venezuela, Afghanistan, or the USA  and Europe where it is perfectly acceptable to murder babies? How is it possible for Gods image carriers to impose legalistic rules and laws on their congregation, and fellow image carriers of God, that has nothing to do with the Bible?

Because most Christians today have allowed men like Martin Luther, St.Augustin and other “church fathers” who hated the Jews to interpret the Bible for them, they have lost the image of God.

What would have happened if everyone obeyed the Torah? The Bible says this will become a reality one day when Yeshua will sit on His throne in Jerusalem and rule the world with Torah, when that day comes, there will be global peace, no more sickness, no more poverty, no more wars, no more tears. So even though mainstream Christianity labels Torah as being oppressive and evil, the Bible disagrees and says obedience to the Torah brings with it blessings of unfathomable levels.

Why is Torah obedience something that will bless us that way?

Because when we obey Torah, we become the spitting image of God and we will be created in Gods image. We will walk in His perfect will, showing Him we love Him (John 14:15) and be His family (Mat 12:50). He has promised to care for His brothers and sisters (Matthew 6:25-34).

When we disobey the Torah, we lose the image of God and the world on a global and personal level is thrown into chaos. We see this from such small minute things as financial disobedience when you choose to tithe, even though the Torah says you can tithe right now, to bigger things such as murdering babies or remarrying which the Torah deems as being evil.

Do you want to reclaim the image of God?

Do you want to be a follower of Christ, identifying with Him?

If you answer yes to both of these questions, you have only one choice, and that is to start obeying Torah, what we know as the Mosaic law. When you start obeying the Mosaic law people around you will see Christ in you because you will be the spitting image of Yehovah and Yeshua.

Today it is Friday, and the Shabbat will begin in a few hours from now. This is a good opportunity to start obeying Torah by celebrating Shabbat today. In the Bible, there is only one rule for Shabbat, do not work for money or make others work for money. So make sure to do your groceries today. If you on the other hand experience a medical emergency, or you have a medical condition that makes certain things impossible for you to do during the week, you are allowed to break Shabbat. But the rule of thumb is this; if it can wait until the sun sets tomorrow, it has to wait.

If you need prayer or a prophetic word, send me your request, and I will prophecy and pray for you free of charge. Feel free to ask any question you want to regarding this week’s teaching or other teachings in the church. Next Friday I will return with another free teaching from the word of Yehovah, the Bible. Until then, Yeshua bless you all and feel free to share this or other teachings to your timeline on Facebook or via e.mail so other people can benefit from free ministry and free teachings.






Apostle Ernie

A sinner saved by grace, called to the office of an apostle. Jesus died for me, that is my only hope so I cling to the cross of Christ. Without the death of Christ on the cross I will be lost. But the cross of Christ is the source to ALL I need in this life and the next one. Apostle Ernie

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