How do you pray?

Do you pray with faith knowing He will answer? Or is it more like “I hope He will, but I am not sure”? In a world where everything responds to what we do, or dont do, it can be challenging to have faith for prayer when you are being told time and time again the same lie that if you do something to make your prayers come to pass you have fallen into legalism.

Most of us find ourselves praying thinking to ourselves “I hope He will hear me, I need Him to hear me, but I am not sure” because we have been told time and time again He hears us on account of what Jesus did, and we can’t do anything ourselves. It is true that He only hears those who believe Yeshua (Jesus) died for them and have repented back to obedience to the law of Moses, but it is not true that we can’t do anything ourselves when we want His answers to prayer. If we believe Yeshua died for us, but we are not obedient to the Mosaic law, we are unrighteous, and He will not listen to us. (1.John 3:4, 3:7, John 9:31-33)

How was it when you were a child, and you had to ask your parents for something you needed? Did you worry about it, stress about it and think to yourselves “I hope they hear me and sees my need”? Or was it more like, “I know they hear me and hears my need because I am their child”? Did you have to do something to get them to respond? You knew they heard you because you were their child, but if you had been misbehaving and being disobedient to their rules, you knew you would probably not get what you asked for. All children know that their prayers are more easily answered as long as they behave according to their parent’s rules.

Why would a parent choose not to answer the prayer from one of their children if the child had been misbehaving? Because they would want their child to learn that bad behavior brings with it consequences. When a child understands bad behavior has consequences he or she will be more responsible as an adult later in life because they know crime does not pay. Would a parent whose child misbehaved choose to disown them and throw them out on the street to fend for themselves? If the child’s life were at risk, and the child refused to repent from its destructive behavior, any good parent would disown their child and leave them to fend for themselves in a last effort attempt to make them see how they are about to destroy themselves. This what Yehovah (God) is doing? Yes, He has disowned you and given you what you asked for by leaving you to worship and marry the gods you desire, but He has not abandoned you. He has given you a way back to Him through the cross, but He will not force you to accept it. He will leave to worship those false gods and to suffer the consequences, but if you choose to repent and come back to Him through the cross, you will be welcomed home as His son and His daughter. But you have to take the first step and choose obedience and faith.

Why has Yehovah done this? He is doing what any good parent would do, teaching you that bad behavior (sin) has consequences and is very destructive. If you will not accept how destructive sin can be, He has no choice but to give you what you ask for in a last effort attempt to make you see the need for repentance and faith in the cross. And as long as you are destroying yourself with sin, it would be irresponsible of Him to answer your prayers, just as it would be irresponsible of any loving parent to give its child what it asks of them if it helps them to continue a life of destruction.

Prayer cannot and will never be answered by Yehovah if you are living in sin. First He has to deal with your sin and help you to choose to repent back to living a life of obedience. Then He can start answering your prayers when you are living righteously in obedience to His law, the law of Moses. And it is entirely possible to confess to being a Christian and living in sin at the same time.

But this also has to do with showing love for our God (John 14:15). So we are not just keeping the law of Moses to get something from Him; we keep it because we love the one who died for us on the cross (John 14:15). And by loving Him, we end up living righteously which guarantees answered prayer.

How would you feel if your spouse told you they loved you, but they never did anything to show you their love? You would not feel very motivated to love them back, and in the end, you would start questioning whetever your spouse wanted to be married to you and how they felt about you. This is something very profound but very core to being a human being. If someone says they love us, but they never show their love for us, we will always question what they say. If someone says they love us, and they do something to prove their love for us, we will never question what they say and never doubt their love for us.

Does Yehovah (God) know that you love Him? Singing worship songs to Him, thanking Him for the cross or doing evangelizing and good works are only empty words in Yehovah ears. The Bible says in John 14:15 if you love Him you will choose to obey Him and His law the law of Moses. So how can Yehovah know that you love Him when you never obey Him? How can you expect Him to want to answer your prayers when He does not know how you feel about Him?

Do you feel loved by Yehovah?

If God says He loves you (John 3:16), you would seriously doubt His claims if He never did something to prove it. In mainstream Christianity, they would tell you He has already proven His love in the cross, and that is true. He has shown His love in the cross, and the cross is the most important thing of all because it guarantees our reconciliation to Him. Even though it is the most important of all, we all have to admit we have pressing needs here and now. We need His help to pay our bills; we need His healing, we need His protection and deliverance. There are so many things in our lives we can’t control by ourselves, and we need so desperately to see His love for us in action by Him showing up and healing us, helping us, giving us a way out of financial mess. When you believe He died for your sins, but your circumstances do not change even though you pray, it can be difficult to believe He loves you and it can be even more difficult to believe in the cross. Then it becomes hard to pray with faith, and prayer becomes more a question of “I hope He hears me, but I am not that sure.”

You need to see Yehovahs love for you in action to feel loved by Him, and He needs to see your love for Him to feel loved by you. Then it will be easy to believe Him for answered prayer, and then it will be easy to pray.

What it all comes down to is this, do you have a relationship with Yehovah? A relationship with Yehovah is built on the same foundation as with any relationship you might have here on earth with another human being, mutual respect, and love. For Him to answer your prayers and hear them, He needs to feel respected and loved. He can only feel respected and loved if you live your life His way, in obedience to the law of Moses. But as we have already learned, you need reconciliation to Yehovah through faith in what He did for you at the cross when Yeshua died for your sins. The Bible says if you will respect Him, love Him by obeying His law the law of Moses. If you are reconciled to Him through the cross, you will have a relationship with Him, and He will hear your prayers. So this is the first step, but if you are not respecting Him by living your life His ways, if you do not love Him by living your life His ways and if you are not reconciled to Him through the cross, you will not see much-answered prayer in your life.

How would you feel when someone loves you enough and respects you enough to live by your morals, ethics, and standards? You feel secure in a relationship like that, and you feel you can trust them. That kind of relationships sets the standard for a good long lasting marriage because both spouses feel they can trust each other; they feel loved, respected and motivated to show love in return. That kind of relationships also guarantees answered prayer, eternal life and walking in all the blessings of Yehovah. When you have this relationship with Yehovah, you are genuinely saved walking in a marriage covenant with Him as His people. But as with any relationship, you have to continue to love HIm and respect Him enough to live your life His way by obeying His law the law of Moses. This kind of relationship to Yehovah guarantees answered prayer.

In 1.John 2:6, 1.Cor 11:1 it says that having this kind of relationship with Yehovah imitates the life of Yeshua and you become a small Christ and a Christian. This is why the people of Antioch gave the first Christians the name Christian because they saw how they lived in this marriage relationship with Yehovah, imitating Christ, so they saw Christ in them.

Can people around you see Christ in you? If the answer is yes, you have to live your life the way He did loving and respecting Yehovah by choosing every day to live your life the way He wants you to in obedience to the Mosaic law. (1. John 2:6)

So how did Yeshua live His life?

We know for a fact that Yeshua was born in Israel as a Jew. He taught His disciples how to obey the Mosaic law properly, and He challenged and fought the Hellenists who believed they could be Jews by mixing obedience to the Mosaic law (Gods law) and traditions, doctrines, and dogmas of men (man’s law). So if you imitate the life of Christ, the Bible says you have done what Ruth did in the book of Ruth and joined with the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the God of the Bible. This makes you a Jew (Rom 2:29, Isaiah 56:3) regardless of your ancestry or DNA.

So if you have this kind of relationship with Yehovah that guarantees answered prayer, it would be more biblically correct to say that you are a Jew considering how Yeshua was a Jew and taught His disciples how to live as Jews.

So how do you pray as a Jew?

What is prayer? Prayer is you talking to your God Yehovah, about your needs and the needs of those you love. You have the privilege to ask in prayer because you are reconciled to Him through the cross, and you love Him and respect Him enough to live your life the way He wants you to. So you have a relationship with Yehovah that makes prayer possible for you, and a relationship where you can expect and anticipate His response. So He will answer your prayer because you have made the decision to do what Ruth did and become a Jew, only obeying His law the law of Moses making sure you are reconciled to Him through the cross.

The Bible does not promise us an answer right away; we see this with Daniel when he prayed as a Jew; it took quite some time before the answer reached him. The angel said his prayers had been heard and the answer given the first time he prayed. Because of massive spiritual warfare, the angel in charge of answering Daniels prayer had been delayed fighting with the prince of Persia. The angel had to call for backup to be able to get through to Daniel, so even though Yehovah had heard him the moment he first prayed, it took quite some time before Daniel saw his prayer answered. At no time did Daniel question Yehovah or if the answer was on its way, he kept praying and a loving, respectful relationship to Yehovah as a Jew.

This is a promise to all of us if we will focus on our relationship to Yehovah He guarantees our prayers will be answered even though the spiritual warfare might delay the answer some times. So if you will focus on living out your identity as a Jew, only obeying the law of Moses and being reconciled to Yehovah through the cross, your prayers will be heard and answered.

This is how you handle the emotional rollercoaster of life and the timeframe where you wait on your answer to prayer. You know that because you are a Jew Yehovah loves you, so the answer is on its way. Therefore you choose to focus on who you are, a Jew because that is what guarantees your answer, the relationship you have with Yehovah through obedience to the law of Moses. So no matter how long it might take, you focus on your identity as a Jew, living in obedience to the law of Moses, praying with faith thanking Yehovah for the answer is on its way. And then suddenly it breaks through to you, and you get your healing, your deliverance, your breakthrough.

So how do you pray as a Jew?

You pray with faith in your identity as a Jew because that is what guarantees the answer to your prayer. And remember, you are not a Jew because of something you did. You are a Jew because Yehovah offered you His gift of reconciliation in the cross, you accepted that gift and acted on it by repenting back to living in obedience to the Mosaic law. Everyone who is reconciled to Him by faith in the cross, living in obedience to the Mosaic law, is a Jew regardless of their ancestry or DNA. (Rom 2:29, Isaiah 56:3)

But being a Jew does not only guarantee your answer to prayer, but it is also the key to your salvation. Without your faith in the cross, lived out in obedience to the Mosaic law, you are not saved says the Bible in James 2:10-26. So if you want to be saved, you have to have a relationship with Yehovah that can only come if you choose to live your life as a reconciled cross believing Jew.

Is this what is being preached today?

No most mainstream churches would tell you how the law of Moses was abolished and ended on the cross. They would tell you lies like “you can’t keep it, is impossible to obey the Mosaic law” overlooking the fact that when Paul speaks of the law, we can’t keep he is referring to human law, not the law of Moses.

It kind of makes you wonder what Paul would say if he had been alive today and seen how Christians have discarded the law of Moses in favor of human tradition and doctrines. And what about Yeshua? Yeshua tried to teach His disciples to obey only the Mosaic law, and never obey doctrines, traditions, and opinions of men. What would have been His opinion if He had walked into one of mainstream Christianities churches? I dont think they would have been very impressed…..

Is it any wonder you are having a hard time praying when you have to rely on someone elses relationship with Yehovah?

Mainstream Christianity has told you time and time again you can’t do anything to have a relationship with Yehovah, you can only accept the cross. As we have seen, this is true to a certain extent, the law in Numbers 5 says it is illegal for Yehovah to forgive us or accept us on account of what we do even when we choose to obey the Mosaic law. But that does not mean we are not to do anything after we have accepted the cross. After we have accepted the cross, we are to live out our repentance in obedience to righteousness. Righteousness is defined in the Bible as being obedient to the law of Moses. (1.John 3:4, 3:7, 5:3). So the Bible says after we have accepted the cross, we are to live in obedience to the law Moses if we are not obedient we are not saved. (James 2:10-26)

So what mainstream Christianity says is true, but it is not true that we are not to do anything. We have all at one point accepted the lie that we can’t do anything after we have been saved, and this is why our prayers are not answered and we resemble more a slave than a child of Yehovah not praying with faith and trust that He will answer us. As the Bible says if we have no faith when we pray our prayers will not be heard and answered. (James 1:6)

Do you want to pray with faith, seeing your prayers answered? Then decide to love and respect Yehovah by choosing to live your life the way He wants you to. He has said in His word the Bible He wants you to live as a Jew, not obeying the Talmud or the Mishna. He only expects His people the Jews to obey His law, the law of Moses. But considering how you have already broken it, you also need to be reconciled to Him through the cross. So become today a cross believing Jew and see how your prayer life will change.

Today it is Friday and all Jews who love and respect Yehovah will choose to celebrate Shabbat. You celebrate Shabbat by not working for money and not making others work for money, so do your groceries today before the sun sets. If you have a medical emergency you are allowed to break Shabbat, or if you have a medical condition making it impossible to do certain things during the week but possible to do only on Shabbat. But if it can wait until the suns sets tomorrow it has to wait.

Next Friday at 01:00 am CET I will return with another sermon, until then, keep sending your prayer, prophecy and counseling requests.

Yehovah bless you


Apostle Ernie

A sinner saved by grace, called to the office of an apostle. Jesus died for me, that is my only hope so I cling to the cross of Christ. Without the death of Christ on the cross I will be lost. But the cross of Christ is the source to ALL I need in this life and the next one. Apostle Ernie

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  1. Amen.
    Thanks for this message that is a blessing to us.
    I belong to a mainstream Christian family.
    But when I came in touch with you one Year back, i am following your preaching strictly and I believe I am saved by your messages. My house, Bethel becomes blessed one. My wife Ruth is improving from her depression. PLEASE keep us in your prayers, we are in India.

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