Do you trust God?

Do you trust God? Perhaps you trust Him for your salvation, but what about your needs? Is it easy for you to trust Him for healing, deliverance, provision? James 1:6, 5:16, Heb 11:6 says that if you do not trust Him you can not and will not receive anything from Him. How many of you actually trust He will meet your needs?

It is easy to trust Him for salvation if you understand the seriousness of your lawless life and how breaking the law of Moses will cause you to go to hell one day. We all know we have broken the Mosaic law, so we all know we are guilty and deserve death. When you read what Yehovah did for you at the cross, it is easy to trust He died for your sins and choose to act on that trust by repenting back to the law of Moses. But what about your daily needs? Do you find it easy to trust Him when you need healing? What if you need a financial miracle, is it easy to trust He will provide?

There are two answers to this question; one is the answer you give when you are healthy, and all your needs are met. The other answer is the one you provide when your life is in chaos, you can’t pay your bills, and your body is sick. We have all at times questioned why Yehovah sometimes does not show up right away when we pray for healing and provision. When our prayers are not answered right away, doubt starts to creep in, and it becomes increasingly more and more difficult to trust Him to meet our needs. If we allow doubt to creep in, we get caught in a negative cycle without the trust we need to see our prayers answered.

When we read the Bible and all its promises, and we read what happens in the book of Acts, we expect these things to happen in our lives. We are told that there is no difference between the Apostles, early Christians and us. They believed in Jesus as their Lord and Savior and lived a supernatural life; we believe in Jesus as our Lord and Savior so we should be able to live a supernatural life as well. But for some reason, the miracles in our lives are lacking. We confess faith in Jesus, but we are not healed the way the Apostles and the early believers got healed. Our needs are not met the same way the needs of Paul, the Apostles, and the early believers. So when we see there is a discrepancy between what they experienced, and how they lived their lives compared to our lives, it is only natural we begin to doubt, and we start to question Yehovah.

There are two ways to resolve this; one way is to fall into legalism by creating human-made rules trying to impress Yehovah and convince Him to answer our prayers. This is one of the reasons why we have 40 000 + denominations in the world today. The second way would be to search the Bible trying to find the answer to why our prayers are not heard and answered.

If we make the right choice, we will allow the Bible to give us the answer to why our prayers are not heard and answered. But what if the Bible gives us an answer conflicting with what we have been taught in church? If the things we believe does not agree with the Bible, we have to be willing to change. The Bible must always be the highest authority in our lives, not what men say or what denominations believe. It is therefore of the highest that we are willing to examine our own faith.

How would you define trust?

We can all agree trust is the very foundation for every human relationship. If we dont trust someone, it is very difficult to have a relationship with that person. As human beings, we tend to judge a person character to see if we can trust them. We see how they behave towards others and make a judgment if this person is someone we can trust as a friend, a spouse or a co-worker. If we have a relationship with someone, and we discover how this person has acted deceitfully and untrustworthy towards someone else, we will always know they have it in them to deceive us and go back on their word. Living with this uncertainty, never knowing when they will betray us, does not make it very easy to trust them.

When a man and a woman marry, they promise before Yehovah (God) to stay faithful to each other in sickness and in health until death. At that moment they have both made a promise to Yehovah and each other never to leave, no matter what happens. In 2018, 40-50% of married couples in the USA filed for a divorce. Some years before this happened, they had stood before Yehovah (God) and each other promising never to leave no matter what happened. They had promised each other to stay faithful until death does them part. And then suddenly, something happened, and they went back on their word and decided to file for a divorce.

How can you trust someone who has been divorced? They have shown that they have it in them to make a promise, and they go back on their word. Would you be able to trust someone and marry someone who is divorced? Statistics show that you can not trust someone who has been divorced to stay married. Most of the time, the second marriage lasts about ten years at the most before another divorce happens. When someone in the past has made a promise to God to love and stay faithful to their spouse, and then suddenly gone back on their word, you can never know if they will do the same thing to you.

When you have a relationship with someone who in the past has gone back on their promise and changed their mind, it is hard to trust them because you never know if he or she will do it to you.

When you have a relationship with a god who in his past has gone back on his promise to Israel, and changed his mind, it is hard to trust him. You can never know if he will do the same thing to you.

I am not talking about Yehovah, the God of the Bible because He never goes back on His word and never changes His mind. (Mal 3:6, Numbers 23:19, Hebr 13:8, James 1:7). I am talking about the false god you who belong to mainstream Christianity worship.

As a mainstream Christian, you believe the entire Bible is the inspired word of God. Even so, some of you believe that now we are in “the church age” so God has not rejected the Jews, He has just set them aside for a time. The rest of you believe He has rejected Israel and replaced Israel with the Gentile church. The Bible does not support the idea that we are in “the church age” or the idea that says Israel has been replaced with the Gentile church. The Bible says Yehovah will never leave or forsake Israel. It also says He has not set them aside for a time (Rom 11:1-2). So according to the Bible, Yehovah is faithful to His promise to Israel and stands by His word.

You choose to believe in a god who makes a promise to Israel and then goes back on his word. If your god makes promises and then changes his mind, what guarantee do you have that he will suddenly change his mind about the gentile church and salvation in the cross? How can you even know that he has not already changed his mind? It would be rather confusing to trust such a god for your daily needs and even more difficult to trust him for salvation.

Luckily such a god does not exist, because the Bible says Yehovah (the God of the Bible) is and will always be the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob the God of Israel and the God of the Jews. He is the one you can trust for your salvation because He is the one who said that whoever believes in what He did for you at the cross will inherit eternal life (John 3:16). But He is also the one who said your saving faith in the cross, has to show itself in your obedience to His law – the law of Moses. (1. John 2:6, James 2:10-26)

You can trust Yehovah to meet your needs because He has said in His word that whoever lives in obedience to the Mosaic law will become a part of the covenant He made with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. He has promised to bless everyone who enters into this covenant (Gen 12:3, 18:19, 26:5, Deut 28:1-13) It even says in the Bible that everyone who walks in the way of Abraham (Gen 26:5) will be blessed (Gen 18:19) and made righteous by faith (Gen 15:6)

So because the Bible says our God whose name is Yehovah never changes His mind (Mal 3:6, Numbers 23:19) we can know for sure that Gen 12:3, 15:6, 18:19, 26:5 applies to us today. If we will walk in the way of Abraham, we will be blessed.

So what is the way of Abraham?

The Bible says in Genesis 15:6 Abraham was made righteous by faith and it says in Gen 26:5 Abraham obeyed the Torah (the Torah is what we call the written law of Moses). So if Abraham was righteous because He obeyed Yehovah (Gen 15:6, 26:5), we will become righteous if we obey Yehovah and His ways (1.John 3:7, 5:3, James 2:10-26, Matthew 7:21-23)

We see this again in Ex 3:6 when Yehovah introduces Himself to Moses. Yehovah says He is the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and then He gives Moses what we now know as the written Mosaic law. In 1.John 3:4 sin defines as breaking the Mosaic law and 1.John 3:7, 5:3 says we become righteous by walking in obedience to it.

So if we allow the Bible to speak for itself, we see beyond a shadow of a doubt, how our God whose name is Yehovah, will include everyone who walks in obedience to His law in the covenant made between Him and Abraham. So your guarantee for having your needs met in this world is the covenant made with Abraham. Yehovah meets your needs based on your faithfulness to His covenant and the promises made to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

This gives us a wonderful privilege, we who are faithful to this covenant have the privilege to ask Him for our need by reminding Him of what He promised Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. So if you need healing, provision, guidance, or whatever it might be. You can ask Him for these things today because of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and know that He is going to answer.

How can you trust Him and trust He will answer?

Because Has said in His word that He never changes (Mal 3:6), so if He has promised Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob to bless all who are their descendants, and we become descendants if we remain faithful to His covenant the Mosaic law, we know He will answer our prayers.

He answers your prayers and meets your needs only because of the promise He made to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. He just promised to do so for those who remain faithful to His covenant, no one else. But this covenant Has nothing to do with reconciliation or salvation. So you are not saved or reconciled by staying faithful to this covenant.

The Bible says in Isaiah 53:5-8 Yeshua’s death on the cross guarantees us forgiveness and reconciliation if we accept it for ourselves. It never says anything about meeting our daily needs in the cross, just as the covenant with Abraham never mentions salvation.

Yehovah has promised Abraham to care for, protect and meet the needs of all those who remain faithful to what we call the Mosaic law. That is why someone living in Israel today, who rejects the cross but continues committed to the law of Moses, will see their needs met in a more unusual way than most Christians. Yehovah has never promised to save them or reconcile them on account of their obedience. So such a person has to accept the cross to be saved, or else they will, in the end, wake up in hell one day.

Yehovah has promised everyone who believes in the cross to reconcile them to Himself and forgive their sins, but He has not promised to meet their needs. But if you genuinely believe He died for your sins, you will have chosen to repent and come back to obeying the law of Moses. This will guarantee your entrance into the Abrahamic covenant, and open the door for having your needs met. (1.John 2:6, James 2:10-26)

So by accepting the cross in true saving faith, the cross will change your life so you will enter into the covenant with Abraham and your needs will be met.

We can know for sure that we can trust Yehovah to meet the needs of all those who obey His law, either through faith in the cross or just faith in the Abrahamic covenant. How can we know this? Because Mal 3:6 says our God never changes. We can know for sure we can trust Yehovah to save all those who accept the cross for their sins, but we can also know for sure He has never promised to meet their needs just on account of the cross. How can we know this? Because Mal 3:6 says our God never changes.

But if you will enter into the covenant of Abraham, through saving faith in the cross that shows itself in obedience to the law of Moses, you will have both: Reconciliation and your needs met by Yehovah. He will still answer your needs and your prayers on account of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob but He will reconcile you and forgive you on account of Yeshua and His death on the cross.

This is our God whose name is Yehovah, who has given all these promises ot Israel and the Jews and never gone back on His word.

This is our God whose name is Yehovah who invites you, regardless of your ancestry or DNA to become one of His people today by repenting from your sins, accepting the cross and start obeying His law the law of Moses.

This is our God whose name is Yehovah and you can trust Him to heal you, provide for you, fight for you, guide you and deliver you on account of His promise to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

Why would you choose to believe in the mainstream Christian god who suddenly changes his mind and goes back on his word, when you can believe in the God of the Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob who never goes back on His word?

If you accept HIm, it will be easy to trust Him for your daily needs and your salvation. Why? Because He has promised Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob to meet your daily needs IF you will obey His law the law of Moses. He has promised Yeshua to save all those who believe He died for their sins and reconcile them to HIm, free from the law of jealousy in Numbers 5. He is the God who never changes His mind, the God you can trust (Mal 3:6)

Will you trust Him?

Show Him that you trust Him by celebrating Shabbat today when the sun sets. The only thing He expects of you is to choose not to work for money, and choose not to make others work for money. So do your groceries today, before the sun sets. If you have a medical emergency, or a medical condition that only allows you to do certain things on Shabbat you are allowed to break Shabbat. But if it can wait until tomorrow it has to wait.

Next Friday, 01:00 am CET, I will return with another Shabbat sermon.

Until then, Yehovah bless you and keep sending me your prayer, propehcy and counseling requests free of charge.


Apostle Ernie

A sinner saved by grace, called to the office of an apostle. Jesus died for me, that is my only hope so I cling to the cross of Christ. Without the death of Christ on the cross I will be lost. But the cross of Christ is the source to ALL I need in this life and the next one. Apostle Ernie

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