How to pray empowered by grace

One of the benefits of being saved is the privilege of prayer; we can pray, seek God for help, and trust He will help us when we need Him to intervene in our lives. The Bible says if we want His help, we have to have faith when we pray, anticipating Him to intervene and answer us. But who do you pray to and who do you expect to intervene? Jesus Christ the Son or God the Father?

We all know and believe Jesus (His Hebrew name is Yeshua) is God. This is a fundamental doctrine for our faith. So the question then is this, if He is God, should we pray to Him for help and anticipate Him to intervene in our lives? Or should we pray to the Father? Most Christians would probably say they do pray to Jesus and anticipate Him to intervene in their lives. Some would perhaps say they pray to God or Lord and since Jesus says He is one with God they praying to both Jesus and God the Father at the same time.

Last week we spoke about tradition versus what the Bible teaches us. We learned how we are legalistic when we obey tradition and not the Bible, and how we are under grace when we do follow and obey the Bible instead of tradition. Is it possible that you are legalistic and not under grace when you pray because you are obeying tradition? Could this be one of the reasons why your prayers are not heard and answered?

So let us open the Bible together and learn how to pray with grace.

First of all, we need to establish the fact that the divinity of Yeshua (Jesus) is never in question, He is 100% God and 100% a human being. How can we know this for sure? Why would it be wrong to pray to Him and expect Him to help us if He is God?

In Rom 3:10 it says in the Bible we have all sinned and there are no one righteous. What is righteousness? We remember from last week how righteousness is something we do (Hab 2:4, 1.John 3:7, 5:3). So when Rom 3:10 says there are no one righteous it is saying there is no one who is doing what is right and obeying the written law of Moses (the Torah). So according to the Bible, most Christians who believe the Torah was done away with at the cross, are not righteous even though they believe in Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

In John 14:15 Yeshua (Jesus) says righteousness (obeying the Torah) is our only way for us to show Him how much we love Him. So what the Bible is saying is that Yeshua (Jesus) is not convinced of our love for Him by what we say, He wants to see proof of our love for Him. This is no different from most of us, we feel loved not by what people tell us but by how they behave towards us.

When we disobey the written law of Moses (the Torah), our disobedience brings a curse upon us and death. (Gal 3:10-13, Deut 28:14-45). We also become guilty of spiritual adultery. What is spiritual adultery? John 14:15 and Ex 19:5 says Yehovah knows we love Him when we obey Him. This is no different from every married couple who knows their spouses love them as long as they obey each other. When we disobey the Torah, or we believe the Torah is done away with, we are telling Yehovah we dont love Him anymore. When we stop obeying the Torah, we always start obeying something else. When Yehovah sees us starting to obey something else, He sees our obedience as proof that we have fallen in love with a demon instead of Him. When we leave Yehovah to serve demons, Yehovah divorces Himself from us (Jer 3:8, Rom 1:28) because we have been unfaithful to Him and He allows us to remarry demons. Why would He allow that to happen? Because He loves us, and love does not force anyone to do anything, even if it means to accept that those you love end up destroying themselves by their actions.

According to 1.John 5:3 it is easy to obey the written law of Moses, the Torah. So when we come to our senses and realize it is a bad thing to be married to a demon, it should be easy for us to return to our first husband, Yehovah? The only thing we have to do is to start obeying His law again?

We can not come back to Yehovah, just on account of repentance, because it is an abomination for Him to accept us back when we have been unfaithful. When a spouse is unfaithful, he or she is forbidden by law to return to their first spouse. (Numbers 5). So when we are guilty of spiritual adultery, Yehovah is prohibited by His law to accept us back just on account of our repentance and obedience.

In Deut 30 Yehovah promises to regather Israel in the future, in John 3:16, we see this happening when He gave His Son Yeshua to all those who would believe in the cross and repent. But how can He fulfill the promise in Deut 30 and John 3:16 if He can’t accept us back on account of our obedience and repentance?

When someone dies a physical death the Torah has no hold on them anymore. (Rom 7). So when someone dies to the Torah, the Torah releases them. Yehovah is forbidden by His own law to accept us back when we repent and start obeying Him again. If He died a physical death He (Yehovah) would be dead to the Torahs requirements and free to do what He wants.

Yeshuas divinity is never in question. When He died on the cross Yehovah died to the Torahs requirements in Numbers 5. Now He is no longer prohibited by the law in Numbers 5, and now He can accept back everyone who repents and starts obeying Him again.

But there is one more issue that is making it impossible for us to come back. Even though Yehovah has died to the requirements of the law, we are still very much alive and under the law of Numbers 5. So even though Yehovah now can freely accept us back, we cant come back before we die to the law in Numbers 5.

How can we die to the law in Numbers 5?

Yeshua had never been unfaithful to Yehovah, but He took it upon Himself to be punished as an adulterer on the cross. When He died on the cross, He was punished as if He had been unfaithful to Yehovah. If you believe Yeshua died for your unfaithfulness to Yehovah (your disobedience to the law of Moses, the Torah) your faith in the cross will join you to Him. His death, His punishment as an adulterer will be accounted to you. What He did will be given to you and it will be as if you died on that cross 2000 years ago. The only thing you have to do is believe, and repent back to serving Yehovah in obedience. (James 2:10-26). So even though the cross happened 2000 years ago, you can right now die with Him on the cross by faith and be free from the law in Numbers 5. If you are free from the law in Numbers 5, you are free to come back to Yehovah and show your love for Him again by obedience to the Torah. So if you only believe He died for you, then He (Yeshua) has been punished for your spiritual adultery and you have received forgiveness by faith. Now it will be as if you have never ever been unfaithful to Yehovah. Now that you have died to the law in Numbers 5, both you and Yehovah are free from the requirements of the law so now you can come back to Him in repentance and start once more living in obedience to the Torah. (James 2:10-26, 1.John 2:6)

This is why we can know for sure Yeshua was and is 100%, God because we had sinned against God and only the death of God could make it possible for us to come back to God and be reconciled to Him again. But this is also why we can know for sure Yeshua is 100% human as well. Only a human being could free us from the curse of the law in Deut 28:14-45 by taking that curse upon Himself on a tree.

Now that we know Yeshua’s divinity is never in question, why then would it be wrong to pray to Him and expect Him to help us?

If you are a mainstream Christian, you believe Yeshua kept the law (the written Torah) perfectly and this made it possible for Him to be the sinless lamb of God. The Bible confirms this, Yeshua kept the law perfectly and His obedience made the human side of Him able to atone for our sins and free us from the curse of disobedience. (Gal 3:13, Deut 28:14-45, 2.Cor 5:21).

The written law of Moses, the Torah, says idol worship is a sin. We are only allowed to worship and honor Yehovah, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. (Ex 20:2, Deut 5:6). If we worship any other god, or we encourage worship and prayer to any other god, we would be guilty of idolatry.

If Yeshua is the sinless lamb of God, He had to live in perfect obedience to the written Torah. At no point could He encourage anyone to pray to Him or to worship Him because if He did, He would make Himself guilty of idolatry. This is why we never see Him telling His disciples to trust in Him, to pray to Him or to worship Him. We do see His disciples worshiping Him, and He did not rebuke them for it, but He never encouraged them to do it.

Yeshua’s divinity is never in question, we know beyond a shadow of a doubt He is and will always be 100%, God. We also know He identifies as being one with Yehovah (John 1, 8:58). And we see His disciples worship Him, and He did not rebuke them for it. So if He is God, why then would it be wrong of us to pray to Him or to expect Him to help us?

It would be wrong of us to pray to Him or to expect Him to help us because He never told anyone to pray to Him or to expect Him to help them. When His disciples asked Him to teach them to pray (Luke 11:1-13) He taught them to pray to Yehovah. In Matthew 6:25-34 He told His disciples to expect and anticipate Yehovah to help them.

If we call ourselves disciples of Christ, and we know He taught His disciples to pray to Yehovah and anticipate Yehovah’s help, why then do we pray to and anticipate Yeshua to help us?

It would wrong of us to pray to Yeshua and to expect Him to help us because Deut 5:6 and Ex 20:2 forbids it. Even though Yeshua is God, and His divinity is never in question, He says in John 14:28 His Father (Yehovah) is greater than He. So there is a chain of command in the Kingdom of Yehovah, and we are to obey by it, even though we know Yeshua is God. We have to do it this way because if we do not obey this, we would be guilty of idolatry. The written Torah clearly says we are only allowed to pray to and anticipate Yehovah to help us. Why? Because Yehovah is greater then Yeshua (John 14:28).

If we believe Yeshua is the sinless lamb of God, and we believe we are His disciples, why then do we believe it is ok for us to disobey what He taught when it comes to prayer and disobey His law the written law of Moses?

We believe it is ok to disobey His teachings on prayer, and disobey His law because we have more faith in the doctrines and traditions of men then we do in the Bible. Our pastors and denominations have told us it is ok to pray to Yeshua and to anticipate Yeshua to intervene, but they are wrong. Our pastors and denominations have told us it is ok to pray to “the Father” and to expect Yeshua to answer and help, because He and His Father are one, but they are wrong. Why are they wrong? Because they are trying to bypass the “chain of command” in the Kingdom of Yehovah. You can’t expect any results if you avoid the chain of command.

The Bible clearly says we are to pray to Yehovah, trust in Yehovah to help us, and anticipate Yehovah to help us.

But what about Yeshua, where does this leave Him?

We cant pray to Yehovah or expect Him to help us if we are not first reconciled to Him through faith in what Yeshua did for us at the cross. We cant pray to Yehovah or expect Him to help us if our faith in the cross is not evident by our obedience to the written Torah, the written law of Moses.

Yeshua’s divinity is never in question, and we can’t do without Him because He is our door to the Father whose name is Yehovah. Our faith in Yeshua, our obedience to His written Torah guarantees us Yehovah’s answers to prayer and Yehovah’s help.

This is what the Bible says, but most of the time, mainstream Christians do not obey it. Most of the time, they pray either directly to Yeshua (Jesus) or to the Father, expecting Yeshua to be the one to help them. When we do this out of ignorance, Psalm 44:20-21 says Yehovah sees our hearts and answers our prayers anyway. But now that you know the truth and what the Bible says, Yehovah expects you to obey by it and to believe in, pray to and worship Him alone.

What is it that you need God to do in your life right now? Do you need healing? Do you need provision? Do you need guidance and comfort?

Whatever it might be, some of you have prayed for these things for such a long time that you have almost given up. One of the reasons why your prayers have not been answered is Yehovah’s desire for you to first learn the truth directly from the Bible. Your need might seem so pressing that it seems cruel and unnecessary for Yehovah to use your need to teach you how to pray. But if He has used your need to teach you how to pray, it is important to remember He knows best. He knows what is coming later on in your life and He knows that it is for your good to learn now how to pray and trust Him instead of having to do it later on in life. When King David had to fight bears attacking his sheep he could have felt the temptation to question Yehovahs intentions. When He fought Goliath he understood how Yehovah used those bears to prepear him for the fight to come. If those bears had not attacked his sheep, and he had not learned how to figh them, he would not have been able to fight Goliath. You dont know when your Goliath might try to attack you, but when it happens, you will be greatful Yehovah used your need right now to teach you how to pray and how to trust Him.

The Bible says in Prov 3:5-6 trust in Yehovah with all your heart and lean not to your own understanding. Your own understanding reminds you of how sick you are, how little money you have right now, and how desperate your situation is. Your own understanding says, “this can’t be fixed, I am going to die from this disease, I will never be healed, I will always be poor and in debt.” The Bible says, do not trust in what your eyes see and your ears hear. Decide instead to trust in the name of Yehovah, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. (Matth 6:25-34)

Trust in the one whose name is Yehovah, He loves you so much He gave you His only Son to reconcile you to Him. (John 3:16). Trust in the one whose name is Yehovah, for He is for you (Rom 8:31). Trust in the one whose name is Yehovah, for He is ready to give you everything you need and you can know this and trust it is true because He has given you His Son. (Rom 8:32). Trust in the one whose name is Yehovah, for the Bible says if we obey Him, if we are reconciled to Him through faith in the cross, He knows exactly what you need before you even know it yourself and He takes pleasure in giving you what you need. (Matt 6:25-34)

For some of you, this is easier said than done. You have struggled for such a long time that you have lost all hope. You have heard it said time and time again, Jesus will help you just trust in Him but nothing has happened yet. If you want to change, you have to make a decision to trust Yehovah despite your emotions and despite what you might feel. (Prov 3:5-6). You have to make a decision to trust Him despite the fact that you have lost all hope. Nobody can make that decision for you, but if you do decide to trust Him, He will show Himself trustworthy.

This is something I had to do in my own life. I had to make the decision to trust Yehovah despite what I might feel, see or hear with my mind. It helps when I remind myself of two important truths in the Bible. When I remind myself that nothing happens without Yehovah first allowing it or willing it to happen, I know the situation I right now have has not taken Him by surprise. He has allowed this to happen to me, and if He has allowed it then I know it would be easy for Him to change it.

6 years ago I messed up in my finances and spent money I did not have. I can remember now how I heard His voice back then, trying to warn me telling me not to do it but I would not listen to Him. When I suddenly discovered how it had all snowballed out of control, and I was knee deep in debt, it was too late to turn back.

Back then I was a typical mainstream Christian who believed Jesus would deliver me. So I prayed to Jesus and anticipated His help, but I also prayed “to the Father” and anticipated Jesus to help me. I was never really sure what was the right thing to do, to pray to “the Father” whom I did not really know or to Jesus whom I felt I knew from the Gospels. I believed what I was told from the pulpit that it was important to tithe, important to “give my way out of debt”. So I tithed and I gave, but nothing changed. I believed, I prayed, but nothing changed.

Psalm 44:20-21 says when we call upon Yehovah using the name of different god out of ignorance, Yehovah sees our hearts and answers anyway. He did answer my prayers back then, even though I called upon Jesus when I should have called upon Yehovah. He showed me in the Bible how we are only to tithe in the temple in Jerusalem, so when I stopped tithing, our finances suddenly improved a little. He answered my prayer so we did not have to foreclosure on the house, but we had the opportunity to sell it of our own free will so we had full authority on when to sell. This gave us more leeway in choosing where to rent. The more He showed me in the Bible about the validity of the Torah for us today, the more my life started slowly to improve from total chaos caused by my own sin to a little bit more stability in our lives. But I was still struggling with trust, having a hard time trusting in the Lord. I was more stressed out about my circumstances then I was resting in the Lord.

The more I started obeying the Torah, the easier it was to deal with my current circumstances. And when Yehovah showed me in the Bible what I have shared with you today, how we are to pray to Yehovah and anticipate Yehovah to help us, my life improved dramatically.

My circumstances did not change and have not changed, they have improved but not changed. But what has changed is my faith, now I am able to trust in Yehovah and not my circumstances. Now I am resting in Yehovah, despite what my circumstances are telling me. And I see that when I rest in Yehovah, my circumstances are slowly but surely changing.

Why did Yehovah allow all of this to happen to me 7 years ago?

Looking back I know He tried to warn me but I would not listen. Even though I brought this debt upon myself, He has used it to educate me and change me into a better man than what I used to be. He has used it to bring me closer to Himself so I now know Him the way the Bible describes Him, not the way mainstream Christianity portrays Him to be. (Rom 8:28)

My circumstances have not changed, but I have changed. Now I am resting in Yehovah, trusting that He will change what is happening to me when the time is right. And while I am waiting for it to happen, praying for it to happen, believing for it to happen, I am not stressed out about it or worried about it. I am resting in Yehovah, and I am seeing on a daily basis proof of His love for me and how He is true to His promises made to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

So how has He used what happened to me for my good? He has used it to bring me closer to Him. Why has my circumstances not changed? The Bible says a close relationship with Him is more important than a problem free life. (Ex 19:5, John 3:16). But if we have and maintain a close relartionship with Him, we can trust Him to take care of our problems as well. (Deut 28:1-13).

All of this has made me stronger, and more capable to handle unexpected circumstances that are outside my control. And I can honestly say, if I had not messed up and been disobedient 7 years ago, I would not have had the strength I need today to handle unexpected circumstances that are not caused by my own actions.

Just the other day, I was told that the company I work for struggles financially. This month they are having a hard time making payroll. I depend on that income; without it, I would not be able to run this ministry and pay the ministry bills and at the same time pay of my debt and feed my family. In the old days, before I messed up seven years ago, and before I had a healthy relationship, I now have with Yehovah, this would have messed with my emotions and will. I would have been stressed out, worried sick, and had a generally hard time trusting the Lord over my circumstances always focused on “what if” scenarios. But because I messed up seven years ago, because Yehovah used my sin to draw me into a closer relationship with Him, I choose to not trust in my circumstances. My mind knows that right now, my employer can’t make payroll and pay me my monthly salary, which I depend upon. But I choose to not focus my trust on what my mind is telling me; I choose to focus my mind on Yehovah and what He will do. I dont know what He will do, but I know that His name is a strong tower and a refuge. So I take refuge in His name, and I know He will do something useful and beneficial for me.

So choose today to trust in Yehovah, choose to obey Him, choose to be reconciled to Him through faith in the cross, choose to pray to Him, to worship Him, and watch what He will do in your life. For some of you, this is easier said than done, but I know from personal experience it can be done.

Today is Friday, choose today to honor Yehovah by celebrating Shabbat. There is only 1 rule for Shabbat, do not work for money and do not make others work for money. So make sure to do your groceries today before the sun sets. If you need to break Shabbat because of a medical emergency, or a medical condition, you are allowed to. But if it can wait, it has to wait until the sun sets tomorrow.

Keep sending me your prayer, prophecy and counseling requests. I will be back next Friday at 01:00 am CEST with another teaching from the word of Yehovah, the BIble.

Yehovah bless you.


Apostle Ernie

A sinner saved by grace, called to the office of an apostle. Jesus died for me, that is my only hope so I cling to the cross of Christ. Without the death of Christ on the cross I will be lost. But the cross of Christ is the source to ALL I need in this life and the next one. Apostle Ernie

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