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Life has a lot of Goliaths, here is how to fight them

What do you expect to happen to you? Do you plan to be healed? Do you expect to have enough money to pay your bills? For some, life can become so hectic we never have the time to stop and ask ourselves this question. Even if we dont have the time to ask ourselves this question it does not mean that we don’t expect either good things or bad things to happen to us subconsciously. Your subconscious expectations determine just as much as your conscious expectation what will happen to you. A different word for expectations is faith, so the things you believe either consciously or subconsciously to happen to you will, in the end, be the things that do happen in your life. What you believe will happen to you is one of the most important questions to ask yourself because it can and will reveal why your life has turned out the way it has.

Why are expectations/faith (conscious and subconscious) so important to us, and why do even need to spend time determining what we expect/believe to happen? Today we are going to study what the Bible has to say about the importance of expectations, and how important it is to make sure we know who causes things to happen in our lives.

All of us have dreams and hopes, things we hope will happen to us and things we desire. Some of them are godly dreams and hopes, and some of them are sinful. It goes without saying, sinful dreams and expecations cant be blessed or fulfilled by Yehovah. We on the other hand, still have the authority to go through with them even if we consider ourselves saved because Yehovah has given us a free will. (Deut 30:15-20) But if we go through with them, it will be consequences (Deut 28:14-45).

Yehovah desires for us to prosper, to be in health and to have freedom in every area of our lives even in the midst of the valley of death. (Psalm 23, 91, Isaiah 55:8-9). Just as we have been given the power to choose death and sinful dreams, so we have also been given the conscious and subconscious authority to choose to block Yehovah’s desires for our lives. (Deut 30:15-20) Nobody in their right mind would consciously want to block Yehovah’s desires for our lives, so most of the time, it happens because of our subconscious desires, expectations, and faith. This is why it is so important to determine what we believe/expect to happen in our lives, even if it is subconsciously.

When we never take the time to determine what we expect/believe to happen in our lives, there is always a difference between what we want and what we expect to happen. All of us wants to be healed, to be in good health and have enough money to feed ourselves and our family. But if we expect the opposite to happen, what we expect to happen is what will happen in the end even if we are doing everything right. (Deut 30:15-20)

Yehovah desires for us to be healed, to be in good health and have all our needs met (Deut 28:1-14, Matt 6:25-34). The condition is that we remain in covenant with Him by obedience to the written Torah being reconciled to Him by the cross. Deut 30:15-20 says that even if we are in covenant with Him, doing everything right, but we are not expecting Him to do His part and to fulfill His word, our expectations will determine what happens in the end.


What we expect to happen is what we believe will happen. If we dont believe Yehovah will do His part our circumstances cant change, even when we are doing everything right in the covenant. The Bible says in Heb 11:6 we will never receive anything from Yehovah if we dont believe, have faith in and expect Him to give us what we need. So you can do everything right in the covenant, obey and be reconciled to Yehovah, and still never see your prayers answered if you have no faith in Him and His ability and willingness to give you what He has promised.

Do not let your expectations control you, take control of your expectations.

Why do we allow our expectations to control us?

We allow it because of our circumstances and the things that happen to us in our lives, they teach us what to expect. If the devil can get us to misinterpret our experiences, he can influence what we will expect later on in life and trick us into losing faith in Yehovah.

It is my guess you have had your fair share of bad things happen to you. What was your interpretation of those events? When bad things happen to us, we usually intepret it as punishment, bad luck, lack of faith and we look for someone to blame. As mainstream Christians we usually intepret bad things as “spiritual warfare” or “attacks of the devil”. What if your interpretation of all the bad things that happened to you are wrong? What if Yehovah wanted to use them to your benefit?

What would have been your response if you had been tasked to tend sheep, and lions and bears kept persistently attacking your flock? Most mainstream Christians would interpret such attacks as “spiritual warfare” or “attacks of the devil” trying to rebuke the devil. Others would interpret it as a lack of faith on their behalf, while others would start to question what had happened to the grace of God because they were promised a trouble-free grace-filled life when they accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

In 1.Samuel 17 we read how all of Israels soldiers were to scared to go out in battle and face the giant, but then David comes along takes three stones and a slingshot and is able to do what the entire Israel army was to scared to do. Why was David able to kill Goliath?

Was it Gods grace?

If it was the grace of God and nothing else that made it possible for him to kill Goliath, then all of us would be able to face our own giants without fear as long as we have accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior? This is what mainstream Christianity teaches, acceptance of Jesus as Lord and Savior guarantee Gods grace in our lives. So it stands to reason, if David was able to kill Goliath because of gods grace and he did it without fear, then we would be able to kill our Goliaths without fear?

The Bible says God can not lie, and He does not change. So if David was able to kill Goliath without any fear because of the grace of God, then we who are alive today should be able to do the same thing as long as we believe Jesus is Lord and Savior? If this were true, then all Christians everywhere would never have any fear and be able to do everything. If we take an honest look at our own lives, we would soon have to admit this is not the case. Most of us know how fear can get a grip on us to such an extent we sometimes resemble more the Israeli soldiers cowering in fear.

Why do we resemble more the Israeli soldiers cowering in fear? Because the grace of God was not the reason why David did what he did.

There is one important thing to remember about David, he was a law-abiding Jew. He was fully able to obey the commandments in the written Torah that applied to him as a Jewish man, living in Israel, with access to a temple. He knew that the Torahs says if he obeys it, Yehovah will be with him and help him in every situation. (Deut 28:1-13) but he also knew that faith always has to manifest itself in action. So if he believed in Yehovah’s help, he had to act on his faith and not just passive waiting for Yehovah to do something.

When David was out in the field, tending sheep for his father, his flock of sheep was often attacked by lions and bears. The predators often carried away sheep from the flock, but because David believed in Yehovah and trusted in Him, he went after them, struck them and rescued the sheep from their mouths. They often turned on David instead, but he seized them by their hairs, struck them and killed them. (1.Samuel. 17:34-37).

David knew that if he obeyed the Torah Yehovah would help him in every way possible and give him grace to do what needed to be done (Deut 28:1-13). So the grace of Yehovah, released to David through his obedience, made it possible for him to rescue his sheep.

Why was David able to kill Goliath? Because of what had happened to him in the past when the grace of Yehovah had trained him to fight lions and bears. Because he knew he was still a law-abiding Jew who could trust that if Yehovah had come through for him in the past with the lions and bears, He could trust Him to come through for him now when he had to take down Goliath. (1.Samuel 17:34-37)

The bears and the lions showed David he could trust Yehovah to come through for him, as long as he did his part and obeyed. If David had never had to fight bears and lions, he would have had no way of knowing for sure if Yehovah would come through for him when he had to fight Goliath. We dont know if David understood why Yehovah allowed Davids sheep to be attacked. But we know that when he had to confront Goliath, he knew that he what it takes because of his previous experiences with the lions and bears. Most important of all, he knew he could trust Yehovah because of his previous experiences with the lions and bears.

Mainstream Christianity teaches us passive faith, the Bible always says faith is active shown in obedience to the written Torah. But active faith shown in obedience to the Torah is dependent upon us believing we have what it takes to obey the Torah. We have to believe we can obey to be able to, but our motive for obedience have to be love for our creator Yehovah. And when we consider what He did for us at the cross, it should not be difficult for us to love Him enough to want to obey His Torah.

From David we can learn one important thing, how you intepret what happens to you matter. Because David interpreted it the right way, he used his experiences to fight Goliath. If we misintepret what happens to us, we can block and hinder Yehovahs help when we need it the most.

The Bible says nothing happens without Yehovah allowing it or approving of it. So whatever you are facing right now, Yehovah has either allowed it to happen or approved of it. Why is it happening? Yehovah knows why, and most of the time, He will not always allow us to understand why. What is important is that we do not misinterpret what happens to us, because Yehovah will use what you are going through right now to prepare you to fight Goliath in the future. If you misinterpret what happens to you, you have the authority to block and hinder Yehovah’s help when you need it the most.

Our foundation for our faith is this: The Bible says if we are saved, our faith in the cross will show itself in obedience to the written Torah (the written law of Moses). (1. John 2:6, James 2:10-26). If we obey the written Torah, we are righteous and law-abiding (1.John 3:4,3:7, 5:3). Yehovah has promised to protect us, help us fight and deliver everyone righteous and law-abiding (Deut 28:1-13). So because of this, we know He has our best interest at heart and He has his reasons for what we are going through right now. The only thing we can do is to trust Him, expect His help and show Him that we trust Him by doing what He tells us to do even if we dont understand it.

So instead of doing “spiritual warfare” and instead of having a passive faith in the cross, we are to face this lives many challenges and circumstances with righteousness. Righteousness is our defense and guarantees Yehovah’s help in the problems of this life, and we can only be righteous when we obey the written Torah.

When we know we are righteous because we are living righteously in obedience to the written Torah, we can expect Yehovah to come through for us in every way. So we have to accept what the Bible says, and make the decision to believe that if we are righteous, we can expect Yehovah to do His part every time. (Deut 28:1-14)

Does this mean that we will never have any problems?

David was a man after Gods own heart, he was righteous, but he still had many problems. Israel, as a nation, was righteous before the divorce was decreed in Jer 3:8, but they still had issues. Moses was righteous, but he still had problems and challenges having to go before Pharao several times before they got out of Egypt. Because they were all righteous, they knew they could trust Yehovah to be with them, fight for them, and help them. Being righteous does not exempt us from the many problems of life, but it guarantees Yehovah’s help in the midst of them.

If God is good, why then did He allow those bears and lions to attack Davids sheep? If God is good, why then does He allow sickness, poverty, disease to happen even with righteous people?

The Bible says nothing happens in this world without Yehovah’s acceptance or approval. (Matt 10:29-31). So according to the Bible, Yehovah allowed those bears and lions to attack Davids sheep. Why? Yehovah allowed it to happen because He knew in advance, David needed to experience it to be able to fight Goliath (1.Samuel 17:34-37). If it had not happened to David, he would not have had the courage he needed to go down and kill Goliath.

According to the Bible, Yehovah allows or approves of all the good things and all the bad things that happen to us. He allows is to prepare us for war so we can overcome all the Goliaths we will face during a lifetime.

Sometimes He allows it is because of sin in our lives, in Deut 28:14-45 we read what happens to those who disobey Yehovah. But if it is not because of sin, it is because Yehovah knows you need to experience this to train for something bigger coming down the line. Somewhere in your future, you will face a Goliath, and you need the fight you are in now to be able to fight and kill the Goliath that is coming down the line.

Why cant Yehovah just stop the future Goliath, whatever it might be, from attacking you?

Yehovah desire for everyone to repent and be saved (2.Pet 3:9). He would never force anyone to repent; it is always a matter of choice. Love is still a matter of choice, we can’t force, anyone, to love us, but when someone chooses to show their love for us, we know it is a stable relationship. When Yehovah knows for sure we have decided to love Him, by repenting and have chosen to show our love for him by obeying Him (John 14:15), He can know it is a stable relationship and He can trust us with even greater things in His Kingdom.

Yehovahs law, the written Torah, dictates what we can do but also what He can or cant do. It is because of His Torah Yeshua had to die on the cross to free us from the law of jealousy in Numbers 5, and it is His Torah that prevents Him from making exceptions. The Bible says Yehovah is no respecter of person (Act 10:34), so He cant make exceptions for some.

If Yehovah were to stop the future Goliath from attacking you, He would be forced by His own Torah to put a stop to evil everywhere else in this world. That will happen one day in the future, and when somebody dies without repentance and faith in Yeshua, their evil sends them to hell. Yehovah does not want anyone to perish (2.Pet 3:9). He decides to wait as long as possible, hoping that as many as possible will repent back to Him. He cant intervene and stop the future Goliath from attacking you because His own law dictates that He would also have to wipe out most of humanity who does not obey the Torah at the same time. So He waits as long as possible, hoping that as many as possible will choose to repent.

Instead of hindering the future Goliath from attacking us, Yehovah trains us for war. Yehovah wants us to be capable of carrying out His mission in this world, which is to tell everyone everywhere to repent back to law and faith in the cross. Along the way, we will encounter resistance and a lot of Goliaths. To be able to face them, we need to learn how to trust in Yehovah, and that can only happen when He allows “bears” and “lions” to attack us.

When the bears and the lion’s attacks, we need to make sure we understand what happens to us, so we dont end up misinterpreting the whole situation. If we misunderstand it, we can block Yehovah from helping us in the future when we need His help the most. So whatever you are going through right now, however harmful it might be, remember Yehovah has either allowed it or willed it to happen for a reason. His reasons are always good and with your best interest at heart.

First of all, make sure there is no conscious sin in your life and repent of every unconscious sin. If the situation does not change, it is because Yehovah is training you to fight so you can be a capable soldier in His army well able to face future Goliaths. Your weapons of war are two things, righteousness that comes from obedience to the written Torah and faith in the cross (Rev 12:11, 14:11). So face whatever you are going through trusting in Yehovah and His help (Deut 28:1-14), thanking Him for the situation and preparing you for the future Goliath.

You choose to fight the “lion” and the “bear” attacking you by expecting Yehovah to get you out of this situation one way or the other. I dont know how He will do it, but the Bible says, if you expect Him to do it He will show you the way out just as He did for David. When the bear and the lion took off with one of his sheep, Yehovah told him to pursue and take the sheep back. Yehovah might say to you to pursue your enemy and take back what he has stolen from you, whatever He says, it is essential you obey Him. Your obedience shows your faith in HIm. What you expect to happen to you is what will happen to you in the end. So make sure you expect Yehovah’s help even if you right now have to fight a lion or a bear. Also make sure you have legal right to expect His help by being obedient to His Torah, believing in the cross.

Today it is Friday, and the Shabbat begins in a few hours from now. One of the most important things we do is to celebrate Shabbat by not working for money, and not making others work for money. So make sure you do your groceries before the sun sets, medical emergencies allows you to break Shabbat.

Next Friday, at 01:00 AM CEST (Central European Summer Time) I will return with another sermon.

Keep sending me your prayer, prophecy and counseling requests. It is free of charge. Please allow for 4-5 days response time, I usually respond on Fridays.

Yehovah bless you.


Apostle Ernie

A sinner saved by grace, called to the office of an apostle. Jesus died for me, that is my only hope so I cling to the cross of Christ. Without the death of Christ on the cross I will be lost. But the cross of Christ is the source to ALL I need in this life and the next one. Apostle Ernie

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