Are you easily worried?

Have you ever worried about something? If you are a human being, the answer would be yes. Being human means that we far to often find ourselves in situations that worry us, and cases we dont know how to fix. Being a Christian does not exempt you from this, we will still face lives many troubling circumstances and situations we dont know how to get out of. So the question is this, is it possible not to worry about something?

When I find myself in a situation that worries me, or in a case I dont know how to fix, I usually try to solve it by myself and find possible solutions. If I can’t find a solution to it, I look to someone else and their answer to my situation. What I am doing is that I search for a law of my own making, or someone else law, telling me how to fix my problems. It is nothing wrong with trying to solve unsolvable situations by finding solutions to it; the question is what type of solutions and laws do you come up with? What the Bible says or what man says? In the end, only the laws of the Bible can tell us how to fix our situations and live worry-free.

If I can get myself out of whatever it is, that worries me, or I can use someone else’s solution to fix my situation, the next time it happens to me or someone else, my answer and law become the law telling everyone what they should do to fix their problems.

What do I mean by this?

When we find ourselves in a situation, we dont know how to fix we need a way out. So we desperately seek solutions or more to the point, laws telling us what to do. Most of the time, we refuse to open the Bible and obey its laws which tell us what to do. At the same time, we are Christians, so we want to have a “Christian” and “Biblical” solution to our problems. We want to find the “Christian” and “Biblical” law that says if we do A, we will get B.

If you turn on Christian television or Christian radio on any given day, you will soon see there are many human-made “Christian” and “Biblical” laws to unsolvable problems in your life. You will be told how you can become debt-free within a day if you sow your money or a certain amount of money to a specific ministry. Others will tell you if you tithe to them, or give an offering of money, the salvation of your loved ones and healing are guaranteed to happen. And of course, all these ministries will quote scriptures to back up their claims. They are providing us with “Christian” and “Biblical” man-made laws telling us how to get to B if we first do A.

Labeling it as a “Christian” and “Biblical” law on how to fix your problem does not make it Yehovahs laws. The only law that works and that governs this universe and everything that happens to us is Yehovah’s law the Torah. Making up our laws will never work, and this is evident by the fact that right now we have more than 40 000 + different Christian denominations, all with their own “Biblical” laws telling them how to live a “Christian” life. All of these denominations have been created by men and women who are desperately searching for a law that will work and show them how to fix their lives. But because they are all human-made laws, obedience to them will never give you anything. So instead of opening the Bible, and start obeying Yehovah’s laws, Christians desperately search for another ministry with a law promising them freedom. If they can’t find it, they will build it themselves by founding another “Christian” denomination.

Ministries that promises a “biblical quick fix” to the many seemingly unsolvable promises in your life have one thing in common. They believe in what is called the dispensation of grace, so they accept the idea that says grace and the cross have replaced the Torah (the written law of Moses and the law of Yehovah). In their minds, Jesus Christ and Paul the Apostle were Christians and converted Jews who left the old shackles of Judaism behind on the road to Damascus. And because most Christians never read the Bible for themselves, most Christians accept this lie. Because most Christians never take the time to learn Gods law, and they dont see it as applicable to them, they will one day hear “depart from Me, for I never knew you, your workers of lawlessness.” (Matt 7:21-23)

What would happen if we started to obey Gods law? To follow it, we have first to understand the Bible the way it was intended to be understood. Then we will see the God of the Bible (Yehovah) has solutions for everything in our lives. He does care about your money and the fact that right now, you can’t feed yourself or your family. He does care that your car broke down, and you can’t fix it because you have no money right now. He does care about you, your loved ones, and their salvation. He has a law that guarantees your needs will be met if you will decide to obey it. He will never force you to follow it, but He will surprise you if you do.

How do you usually read the Bible? Most Christians never really read the Old Testament, and most pastors never preach from the Old Testament because they dont see it as applicable to them. Considering how there was no New Testament in existence until the year 200 AD, it should worry us when someone claims to understand the Bible only based on the New Testament. Everything Paul, Yeshua (Jesus) and the Apostles said and did base 100% on the Old Testament. How can you claim to understand their teachings, based on the Old Testament, if you believe their Bible dont apply to you?

How would you read any other book? Would you begin at the beginning or in the last chapter of the book? All common sense dictates that if we want to understand the final chapter of the book, we have to read the book from its beginning. The first chapters explain what happens in the last chapter. And if we ignore this, we could end up with a lot of weird understandings of what happened during the plot of the book that can differ a lot from what the author intended. Because most Christians read their Bibles this way and ignore the Bible used by Yeshua, His disciples and Paul the Apostle, we end up with 40 000 + different denominations.

If we want to understand Yehovah’s laws and how to fix our lives, we first have to start reading the Bible the way Yeshua and His followers read it. How can we even call ourselves Christians and followers of Christ if we believe the Bible He used (the Old Testament) does not apply to us anymore? Do we have to learn Hebrew or Aramaic to understand the Bible? No, but we have to learn and understand its Hebrew idioms and expressions.

In my language, there are a lot of idioms and expressions I use that would make no sense for someone from a different culture. In your language, you use a lot of phrases and expressions that would make no sense to me. If we want to understand each other, we first have to learn about each different cultures and cultural differences.

Yeshua (Jesus Christ), His apostles, and Paul, the Apostles were all Jews born into a Hebrew Jewish culture. They spoke Hebrew, and when they taught from the Bible, their audience were Jews in a Hebraic culture accustomed to Hebraic idioms and expressions that would make no sense to us in our western culture. The few times they came into contact with a Gentile, it was always a God-fearer. What is a God-fearer? A God-fearer is a gentile (someone not born into a Hebraic culture) who have immersed themselves into a Hebrew culture and started worshiping the Hebrew God Yehovah, but they have not officially converted to Judaism.

If we want to understand the Bible and Yehovah’s laws, we first have to understand Hebraic culture and idioms.

So it is evident how the Bible, written in a Hebraic culture to Jews with a Hebraic mindset contains a lot of idioms and expressions only a Jew or someone who have studied the Hebraic culture and language could understand. How can you know what happens in the Bible if you never take the time to read or explore Hebraic culture? How can your pastor teach from the Bible, without taking the time to read and study Hebraic culture? How can you trust that what he/she teaches you from the Bible is correct if they have never taken the time to study the Hebraic culture?

If you want to understand the Bible, you have to do what you would do with any other book and any other foreign religion. You begin at the start of the book in the first chapter, and not in the last. You make sure you understand every foreign idiom and expression native to the Hebraic culture. If you do these two steps, the Bible will suddenly become alive, and you will discover how Yehovah has a solution for every situation and challenges you might face in your life.

So what do you do if you find yourself in a situation that worries you, circumstances you can not resolve, and you need a way out of? As a Christian, you would, of course, go to the Bible to see what it has to say about your circumstances and problems. If you have followed the above mentioned two steps, you will be able to unlock Yehovahs solutions and open His doors to get you out of your problems.

So what is Yehovahs solution?

We find it in Matthew 6:25-34. It is a beautiful promise in the Bible, telling us that our Father in heaven knows what we need, and He is already ready to give it to us. So whatever you need today, He will give it to you but only if you fulfill the conditions that come with this promise. The first one is this; you have to seek the Kingdom of Yehovah and His righteousness. The second is this, remember you can not add a single hour to your life by worrying

If we want to understand this scripture and this promise, we have to keep two essential things in mind. Yeshua was and still is a Jew, and here He is speaking to other Jews accustomed to Hebraic culture and Hebraic idioms. His Bible and the Bible used by those listening to Him was the Old Testament. We can’t claim to understand what He is saying in Matthew 6:25-34 if we dont first understand and appreciate His Bible the Old Testament. It is also impossible for us to understand what He is saying in Matthew 6:25-34 if we dont try to follow His Hebraic idioms and Hebraic expressions.
Why does Yeshua say, “you can not add a single hour to your life by worrying” (Matt 6:27)?

In Yeshua’s Bible, in Deut 28:1-14, 30:15, it says that those who obey Yehovahs written Torah (what we know as the written law of Moses) will have a long healthy prosperous life on this earth. So obedience to the Torah will prolong your lifespan.

We human beings worry about a lot of things, and one of them is our health and how long we will live. What Yeshua is saying here is this, if we try to fix our problems by our laws, or someone else’s laws, we can’t even prolong our lives with a single hour. Only the Torah and our obedience to it can do so. And if we can extend our life by obeying the Torah, we can know obedience to it is well able to give us everything else we need.

So Yeshua is confirming that we need to obey the Torah (the written law of Moses), and this is our one way and our only way to solve our problems and situations. He also says that if we do, we will have no reason to worry about our needs.

Is it possible to have a worry-free life? Yes, but only if you obey the Torah out of love and respect for Yehovah and Yeshua who died for us on the cross. (John 14:15)

The next thing Yeshua says is this; we have to seek first the Kingdom of Yehovah and His righteousness if we want our needs met. For a Jewish believer in Yeshua, who did not have a New Testament, they would automatically know He was speaking about the Torah. In 1.John 3:4, 3:7, 5:3 it says that those who obey the written Torah are those who are righteous.

So what is Yeshua’s solution? Obedience to the Torah and only the Torah will solve all our problems. So what do you do when you find yourself in a situation that worries you? You obey the Torah. What is Yehovah’s solution to the problems in your life? Obedience to the Torah.

Is this what is being preached today in most mainstream churches?

No, instead mainstream Christianity preaches obedience to their laws and their human-made methods describing how to get out of debt, how to be quickly healed and assured of the salvation of your loved ones. They throw away and disregard Yehovahs law, claiming it as do not apply to us today all at the same time claiming to know what the Bible says.

You would not read a book the way they read the Bible. They tell you that a child of God does not have to care about their Fathers law, the Torah. How would that work in real life if you read every book the way they read the Bible, and you behaved the way they tell you it is ok to act?

If you walked into a store, telling the store manager his laws did not apply to you, but you wanted to get whatever you needed from his store the way your law dictates, you would soon find yourself in jail.

If you told the police the laws of your government does not apply to you, and you would only obey your laws, you would soon find yourself in jail.

When we tell Yehovah His laws does not apply to us, but we want His help according to our laws, we will one day find ourselves in hell.

Yehovah does not want you to go to hell (2.Pet 3:9), Yehovah intends to meet your needs, and He does care about that bill you can’t pay. He sees your need for healing; He sees you need money and guidance. The Bible says He is more than willing to give you all that you need and more if you are eager to do it His way by obeying His law the Torah.

Is it possible to live worry-free? Yes, as long as you choose to obey the Torah. Will Yehovah meet all your needs? Yes, as long as you want to obey the Torah. Will you be reconciled to Yehovah by following the Torah? No, reconciliation comes only by faith in the cross. If you do believe in the cross, it will show itself in obedience to the Torah. Does Torah obedience guarantee a problem-free life? No, we will still face unexpected storms in our lives, but the difference is that if we keep on obeying the Torah, Matt 6:25-34 promises us that Yehovah will see us through everything and meet all our needs during the storm.

Do you want to live worry-free? Do you want to be saved and make sure your faith in the cross is genuine and able to keep you? Choose today to obey the Torah by celebrating Shabbat. Shabbat begins in a few hours from now when the sunsets. During Shabbat you cant work for money or make others work for money, so do your groceries today before Shabbat begins. There are of course exceptions to this, if you have a medical emergency, you are allowed to break Shabbat.

I want to pray for you and prophecy into your life, send me your request for free on Messenger on Facebook. I will reply as soon as possible; please allow for up to 5-7 days response time.

Have a blessed Shabbat, and we will see each other again next Friday at 01:00 am CEST for another sermon from the Bible.

Yehovah bless you

Apostle Ernie

A sinner saved by grace, called to the office of an apostle. Jesus died for me, that is my only hope so I cling to the cross of Christ. Without the death of Christ on the cross I will be lost. But the cross of Christ is the source to ALL I need in this life and the next one. Apostle Ernie

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