What do you believe and why do you believe?

Are you saved? Your answer would be yes if you have asked Jesus into your heart and made Him your Lord and Savior. How would you respond if someone asked you to explain salvation to them and why they should seek salvation? You would tell them they need forgiveness of their sins, and the only way to be forgiven by God is to accept Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior. This would not be a wrong answer, but here you are telling them to make the most significant decision in their life, and it would be only natural if they wanted more information before they made a decision. Would you be able to explain it to them in more detail?

Are you able to explain to yourself what you believe and why you believe or have you just made a decision, based on what your pastor or an evangelist told you? Do you not owe it to yourself, and to those around you to be able to explain salvation in detail and give a detailed account of what you believe in and why you believe?

We Christians believe Yeshua (Jesus Christ) is the lamb of God that takes away the sins of the world. (John 1:29). For Him to be the Lamb of God, He had to be sinless and without blame (2.Cor 5:21) This is why Christians believe that they are righteous because by faith because He kept the law (the Mosaic law) for them, and if they believe in Him His righteousness will get imputed to them.

Do you remember last week when we talked about idioms and Hebrew expressions? When we read 2.Cor 5:21 we interpret it through tradition and accepted church doctrine, so we end up with an interpretation similar to this one: If we believe in what Jesus did, we become righteous. How would a Hebrew Jew who had never heard about Martin Luther and Augustine’s teachings on righteousness by faith interpret 2.Cor 5:21? In Hebrew culture and language, faith in someone always shows itself in action. So when a Jew read 2.Cor 5:21, they would automatically understand it as they need to do what Yeshua taught them to have His righteousness. So a Jew would understand 2. Cor 5:21 as something they needed to do to become righteous, and this is confirmed in 1.John 5:3, James 2:10-26, and 1.John 2:6, where it says those who do righteous are righteous.

So we already see a difference between accepted church doctrine and what the Bible teaches. The Bible does not support the idea of righteousness by passive faith. The Bible says we are righteous if we believe in Yeshua, and our faith shows itself in obedience to righteousness. Righteousness in the Bible defines as obedience to the written Mosaic law (the written Torah).
If we believe 2.Cor 5:21 and 1. John 1:29, we have to accept that Yeshua never sinned a day in His life. Christians would agree that this means He never broke the written law of Moses. In the Mosaic law, in Ex 20:3, it says there is only 1 God, and His name is Yehovah. It goes on to say in Ex 20, we are forbidden to worship any other God, and we are forbidden to speak the name of any other God. So for Yeshua to have been the sinless lamb of God (2.Cor 5:21, 1.John 1:29), it goes without saying that He had to have obeyed Ex 20:3. He could not have encouraged worship of Himself or taught others to worship Him because if He did, He would have sinned and no longer be without sin and the lamb of God. Because Yeshua only worshiped Yehovah and taught others to worship Yehovah, He never sinned against Ex 20:3.

Christians believe that upon acceptance of Christ as our Lord and Savior, we get His righteousness imputed to us by faith. As we have already seen, the Bible says this is true, as long as our faith shows itself in obedience to the written Torah (obedience to righteousness). However, even though Christians believe the lie that says they only have to have faith, and dont have to do anything to be righteous, no Christian would accept the idea that they could live any way they wanted to. Even though Christians believe the lie that says the Torah does not apply to them, they still expect themselves and those around them who confess to be Christians, to live up to a moral standard. Therefore it goes without saying; no Christian would accept adultery, murder, theft, or idol worship. However, even so, they allow the idea that it is ok to worship idols?

Ex 20:3 says worship of anyone other than Yehovah is idol worship. When we worship Jesus/Yeshua, we are sinning against Ex 20:3. Is it any wonder the Christian church is powerless, and we dont see the book of Acts come alive in our meetings and church services?

What about Yeshua’s divinity? Is He not Yehovah (God) and therefore worthy to be worshiped?

Yeshua’s divinity is never in question; He is Yehovah (God). John 1, 8:58 clearly says Yeshua is Yehovah. However, at the same time, Yeshua says in John 20:17 He is not Yehovah the Father He is Yehovah the Son (John 1) This can be confusing for us, for He also says in Mark 12:29-31 Yehovah is one God. So how can Yehovah be one, and Yeshua be Yehovah but not Yehovah the Father? Sometimes it can make your head spin.

We find the answer in John 5:43. Here we read how Yeshua says He has come in His Fathers name. What does it mean when He says “in My Fathers name”? When a Hebrew says, he or she is about to do something in someone’s name; they are referring to the character and substance of that person. So what Yeshua is saying in John 5:43 is this: I am of the same style and substance as my Father, and because of this, I am Yehovah.

This is why we can say that Yehovah is one in character and substance (Mark 12:29-31). Also, this is why the trinity doctrine is not supported in the Bible because Yehovah is not three in one. He is one in three; all three are but manifestations of the same Yehovah just as He manifested as burning bush to Moshe (Moses) and a pillar of fire to when they left Egypt.

Yehovah the Son is not Yehovah the Father, Yehovah the Father is not Yehovah the Son and Yehovah the Holy Spirit is not Yehovah the Father or Yehovah the Son but they are all Yehovah.

Another way we can know for sure that Yeshua is Yehovah is Numbers 5 and Rom 7. When we sinned, we broke Gods law, sin (breaking Gods law) compares to adultery in the Bible. So when we sinned, we committed spiritual adultery against Yehovah. Why is it compared to adultery? Because the one you obey is the one you love (John 14:15). When you stopped obeying Yehovah, you had fallen in love with someone else and started obeying them and their laws. The consequence of our sin is divorce; Yehovah did not want anything to do with us when we had fallen out of love with Him. So He, Yehovah, divorced Himself from us and gave us over to serve demons (Rom 1-4). When someone has committed adultery, Yehovah’s law in Numbers 5 forbids the adulteress to reunite with their first spouse. So even though we wanted to come back to Yehovah and He wanted to take us back, His law forbids it. This is why we say the law in Numbers 5 has cursed us.

The only solution would be if Yehovah died a physical death, and we died a physical death so we could both be free from the curse of the law in Numbers 5 (Rom 7). When Yehovah Yeshua died on the cross, Yehovah became free from the law in Numbers 5, and now He could accept everyone who wanted to return to Him as long as they were free as well. This could only be done by faith if they believed Yeshua died for their sins; that way, they would also be free from the curse of the law.

If Yeshua had been just a man, His death could not have freed us from the curse of the law in Numbers 5. However, because He was, and is, 100% Yehovah (God) and 100% a man, His death could atone for our sins AND free us from the curse of the law in Numbers 5.

If the divorce happened because we stopped serving Yehovah and started serving demons, it would be a natural consequence of reunion for us to begin serving Yehovah again by obedience to His law. Moreover, when Yeshua says in John 14:15 we show our love for Yehovah by obeying His written Torah, it is natural and understandable James 2:10-26 says a truly saved individual shows their salvation by their obedience to the entire law of Moses.

All of this shows us there is never a question of Yeshua divinity, He is Yehovah the Son, but He is not Yehovah the Father. So because He is not Yehovah the Father, it would be idol worship to worship Yehovah the Son when the Son worshiped the Father, and the Fathers law forbids us to worship any other than the Father.

This is the foundation for what we believe in, according to the Bible, and why the Bible says we need to be saved. Now you will be able to explain salvation in detail and give a detailed account of what you believe, and why you believe.

So to summarize:
The first step is to acknowledge you have broken the law of Yehovah, what we call the written Torah or the written law of Moses. Because of this, Yehovah has divorced Himself from you, and now you can’t come back just on account of repentance. You have to die with Yeshua on the cross by faith so you can both be free from the curse of the law in Numbers 5. If you die by faith on the cross, you are free from the curse of the law in Numbers 5, and now you can come back to Yehovah. Now He can be your God, and you can be His people. However, now that you have come back and you are saved, you have to show Him that you love Him by obeying Him. (John 14:15). Idol worship is not obedience, even if your church would tell you it is ok to worship Yeshua. Yeshua worship is idol worship because Ex 20:3 says we are only allowed to worship Yehovah, and Yeshua taught us to worship only Yehovah.

The next question is this, what happens now? Now you are saved, you are living in obedience to Yehovah’s law, what happens next?

At no point do we see Yehovah promising us a carefree life without any problems or challenges. If we are in covenant with Him through faith in the cross and repentance back to obedience, we will still get sick; we will always have unexpected circumstances trying to entice us to fear and worry. People we love will still die and not get healed; some will get healed and live on for many years. So what are the benefits of being in a covenant (saved) with Yehovah if you still have to go through all the stuff that is a natural part of life?

The benefits are Yehovahs continual salvation.
Salvation is not just one time even in our life; it is a continuous process which always depends on us being able to, and willing to repent and come back to obedience to the written Torah.

When Yehovah saves you on account of your repentance and trust in the cross, you are saved out of the curse of the law in Numbers 5. Now you can come back to Yehovah and live your life as a child of God (John 3:16) in loving obedience to His Torah (John 14:15, 1.John 2:6). A life lived in obedience to the Torah, and faith in the cross guarantees Yehovahs continuous salvation. This is what Yeshua is talking about in Matthew 6:25-34, if we live in obedience to the Torah, we have the assurance that Yehovah will save us from everything life might throw at us. (Deut 28:1-13)
So what is the key to being saved when you can’t pay your bills when you are out of a job, the doctors say you have cancer and just a few months left to live? How do you get saved from all the bad stuff in this world that is a natural consequence of being a human being?

The key to your salvation is obedience to the written Torah (Isaiah 30:15, Joshua 1:7-9)

The Bible says in Isaiah 30:15, Matt 6:25-34, Psalm 91, Psalm 23 and Joshua 1:7-9 if we will set our minds on Yehovah’s law (the written Torah), Yehovah guarantees us success and salvation from everything that happens to us.

So the key to our salvation and deliverance from the curse of the law in Numbers 5. The key to eternal life and forgiveness, the key to being saved from the many challenges and circumstances life might throw at you can all be summed up into one sentence: Obedience to the written Torah and faith in the cross.

The Bible even goes as far as to say that this is the key for us to overcome the devil (Rev 12:11, 14:11)3.

When we can overcome the devil and achieve salvation by obedience to the Torah, it should not surprise us how the devil has managed to convince the Christian church the Torah does not apply to them. By convincing them to disregard the Torah altogether, the devil has managed to disarm the church, and they are left trying to follow laws, traditions, and doctrines of men in an attempt to do what only the Torah can do.

Salvation is a continuous process that can only be achieved if you are willing to repent back to Torah obedience, and believe in the cross of Yeshua. If you live your life focused on obedience to the written Torah, believing Yeshua died for you, you will overcome and be saved out of every situation in your life.

Today it is Friday, and the Shabbat begins in a few hours from now. If you are saved, you will choose to celebrate Shabbat by not working for money or make others work for money. If you have a medical emergency, you are allowed to break Shabbat. However, if it can wait until tomorrow when the sun sets, it has to wait.

I will return next Friday with another sermon from the word of Yehovah, the Bible. Keep sending me your prayer and prophecy requests, free of charge.

Yehovah bless you.

Apostle Ernie

A sinner saved by grace, called to the office of an apostle. Jesus died for me, that is my only hope so I cling to the cross of Christ. Without the death of Christ on the cross I will be lost. But the cross of Christ is the source to ALL I need in this life and the next one. Apostle Ernie

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