Why did I receive an invoice with my prayer and prophecy?

As many of you have noticed, there have been some changes in the ministry over the last week. The most significant change has to be the invoices you have received after requesting prophecy or counseling, and the gift invoices you receive after requesting prayer.
Does this mean you now have to pay for a prophetic word, a counseling session, or prayer?
The answer is no, prayer, prophecy, and counseling are still 100% free of charge. So many ministries would ask you first to donate, and then you would receive your prophetic word. I believe that is wrong because such a practice automatically excludes all those who are poor and can’t pay anything. I also think it would be illegal for me to do so because then I would be selling the gifts Yehovah has given me.
Why are you issuing invoices to people who have benefited from your gifts through prayer, counseling, or a prophecy?
Since I started this ministry in Oct 2015, 189 000 people have benefited from my gifts. They have received prayer, prophecy, counseling for free. The online church (http://www.church.crossofchristlive.one) free entrance is open 24/7, and people can come and go as they please, download what they want and distribute as they see fit. Every day I receive about 5-20 requests for prayer, counseling, prophecy. I use about four days each week to prepare for next weeks sermon, including praying for people, prophesying to people, and counseling them.
I do all of this for free, and I am delighted to do so. It brings me so much joy to use my gifts to help people in their daily walk with Yehovah.
At the same time, it costs money to run this ministry. I have to pay my internet provider; I have to pay Facebook for advertisement.
I could never do what most ministries does and charge you money before I use my gifts to minister to you. Therefore I will always give you the prophecy, counsel you, and pray for you for free. When I minister to you, I use the gifts Yeshua has given me. When I pray for you, when I prophecy to you, counsel you or I am preparing new teaching, I am using gifts given to me for the encouragement of those who believe.
The Bible says in 1.Cor 9:14, those who use their gifts for the encouragement of believers should be supported financially by those who benefit from those gifts. So if you benefit from my gifts, the Bible says in 1.Cor 9:14 you should give something in return.
This is why I issue invoices to people who have benefited from my gifts through prayer, prophecy, counseling. Because if I pray for you, if I prophecy to you, if I counsel you or if you are spiritually fed in the online church (http://www.church.crossofchristlive.one), you should give something in return.
The other reason why I am issuing invoices is to cover the cost of running this ministry. When I first started it in 2015, I could never imagine I would have 189 000 members in 2019. But the fact of the matter is that right now I have 189 000 members worldwide and I am just one man. For me to be able to care for all members properly, and minister to them, it costs money.
If all the 189 000 members took from my gifts for their benefit but never gave anything in return, it would be challenging to keep the ministry running. I can’t guarantee I will always be able to pay the costs out of my pocket.
This is why I will include an invoice with every prophecy and counseling. This is also why I will include a gift invoice with every prayer allowing you to give a gift to the ministry after having received your prayer.
What will happen if you do pay the invoice? Will you be supernaturally blessed? Perhaps or perhaps not, but what will happen is that you have given a gift in return for the gift you recieved in the form of a prayer, prophecy, or counseling. This is what we usually do in our everyday life and living. When we receive a gift from someone, we give a gift in return as a sign of our appreciation. So when you receive a gift from Yeshua in the form of a prophecy, prayer, or counseling delivered through me, it is appropriate to give a gift in return.
This brings us to another relevant subject. What if you cant, what if you have to choose between giving a gift or providing for yourself and your house?
The Bible says in 1. Tim 5:8 if you have to choose, you should always choose to provide for yourself first and your house. If you decide to give a gift and your home suffers for it, then you are sinning against Yehovah.
So if you can’t, that is ok, and we all go through seasons in our lives when we can’t give anything.
But if you can give some, you should provide some, and the size of the amount does not matter. What matters is that if you have something to offer, you should give a gift in return.

Apostle Ernie

Apostle Ernie

A sinner saved by grace, called to the office of an apostle. Jesus died for me, that is my only hope so I cling to the cross of Christ. Without the death of Christ on the cross I will be lost. But the cross of Christ is the source to ALL I need in this life and the next one. Apostle Ernie

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