How can God have a Son?

How can Yehovah (God) have a Son and at the same time, be one God? This question has plagued Christians for centuries, and it has given birth to many weird and quite often unbiblical doctrines. As Christians, we have two choices; build our faith 100% on our pastor’s sermons or rely our faith 100% on the Bible. Because most Christians want to build their faith on what their pastor says, instead of the Bible, we end up with these weird and unbiblical doctrines. So how does the Bible answer this question? 

   For the past few weeks, we have learned why our entire salvation depends on the fact that Yeshua (Jesus) is Yehovah (God). If Yehovah did not die on that cross, He would still be held captive to His law in Numbers 5 and forbidden to accept us back as His people. For us to be saved, Yehovah had to die a physical death, be buried and risen again to a new life. Then and only then was He legally able to accept us back as His people. So even though Yeshua as a sinless man could atone for human sin, the human side of Yeshua could not free Yehovah from the curse of the law in Numbers 5. And even though Yeshua as Yehovah could free Himself from the curse of the law in Numbers 5, by dying a physical death, Yehovah could not atone for human sin. This is why Yeshua had to be both 100% human and 100% Yehovah. 

   In the book of Isaiah, Yehovah says He is the only Savior. In the book of Malachi Yehovah says He never changes. So if we are to accept what the Bible says, Yehovah is the only Savior in both the Old and the New Testament. 

  In the Gospel of Matthew, the angel says to Joseph, “you shall call his name Yeshua (Jesus) for He will Yehoshua (save His people) from their sins”. 

  If the Bible is accurate, we have to accept two essential premises. 1. Yehovah never changes

2. He is the only Savior

If we take these two premises at face value, it becomes an impossibility to doubt the fact that Yeshua is Yehovah. He has to be Yehovah because Yehovah says it Himself, there is only one Savior. 

The Gospel of Matthew confirms this when it says, “you shall call His name Yeshua for He will save His people from their sins.” In the Gospel of Matthew, the Bible says Yeshua will save His people, so that confirms the fact that Yeshua is Yehovah because only Yehovah can save. But most important of all, the Gospel of Matthew says, “He will save His people”.

  Who are the people of Yehovah? 

  The Bible says in the book of Exodus His people are the Israelites. So what the Gospel of Matthew is telling us is this, Yeshua is Yehovah who has come to save the Israelites from their sins. We see this in the Gospel of Matthew when Yeshua says, “I have come only for the lost sheep of the house of Israel.” 

  By now, we have established the following: 

  1. Yeshua is Yehovah, the name Yeshua means Yehovah saves. So Yeshua is one of Yehovah’s many names. 
  2. Yehovah is the only Savior
  3. Yeshua has come to save His people Israel from their sins
  4. Israel’s sins are holding them captive to the law in Numbers 5, preventing them from returning to Yehovah. 
  5. By dying a physical death on a cross, Yeshua (who is Yehovah) atones for human sin with His Blood and frees everyone who believes He died for them from the curse of the law in Numbers 5. 
  6. Now Israel can believe in the cross, repent back to obeying the law, and they will be saved from their sins. 

Where does this leave gentiles, people who are not naturally born as an Israelite? 

  The Bible says in the book of Isaiah, the book of Exodus, the book of Romans, the book of Genesis, and the book of Ruth how Yehovah has never been against gentiles joining themselves to Israel. Several times in the Bible, we see Yehovah encouraging gentiles to become Israelites, and we see this happening time and time again with Ruth, Cornelius, the Roman Centurion, the Samaritan woman. 

  So if you are a gentile and a Christian, Yehovah wants to save you to from your sins. The road to salvation starts with you, deciding to join Israel. By choosing to become an Israelite your sins can be atoned for, and you can become free from the curse of the law in Numbers 5 if you will believe in the cross and repent back to law obedience. 

  So now we see how our entire salvation depends on Yehovah being Yeshua for both Jew and Gentile. But we also understand how Jew and Gentile can become one in Yeshua if both of them desires to become Israel. We see this in both the book of Isaiah and the book of Ephesians. And how does it look like to live a life as an Israelite? The book of Romans and the book of Isaiah says the life of an Israelite is lived in obedience to the written Torah and only the written Torah. The book of John goes on to say a life lived as an Israelite is the only way to live in unity with Yeshua. 

  How does this answer our question? How can Yehovah have a Son and at the same time be one God? 

  The book of 1. John says a life lived as an Israelite is the only way to live in unity with Yeshua. Yeshua (Jesus Christ) lived His life on earth 100% as an Israelite. He taught His disciples how to live as an Israelite, and when He had ascended to heaven, He called Saul on the Road to Damascus to go and tell gentiles how to become Israelites.  

  In the book of Exodus, Yehovah says through Moses that Israel is Yehovahs firstborn son. If we take the Bible as being 100% true, we have to believe Yehovah never changes. If Yehovah never changes, it means that Israel is Yehovah’s son in the Old AND the New Testament. 

  The book of 1. John says a life lived as an Israelite is the only way to live in unity with Yeshua. The Gospels show us how Yeshua lived His life as an Israelite. So if Israel is Yehovah’s son in the book of Exodus, then we know Yeshua is Gods Son because He is Israel. 

  If Yeshua is Gods Son because He is Israel, we now understand John 3:16. John 3:16 says everyone who believes in Yeshua will become a child of Yehovah. If Yehovah never changes, then a child of Yehovah means an Israelite because Israel is and will always be Yehovahs firstborn son. In Hebrew culture, believing in someone means to obey them and what they teach. Yeshua taught us how to become Israelites, so if you believe in what He taught, you will begin to live as an Israelite. 

  So how can Yehovah (God) have a Son and at the same time be one God? The answer to this question is quite simple. Yeshua is Gods Son because He is Israel and Israel has always been, and will always be, Gods firstborn son. But as we have also seen today, it does not mean that Yeshua is not God. He is 100% human, 100% God and 100% Israel. 

  Everyone, Jew and Gentile, is invited to become Israel and be saved. The only requirement is faith in the cross and repentance from sin. Repentance from sin means that you turn from living a life in disobedience to the written Torah. It means you turn from living a life filled with human traditions, human-made doctrines. In other words, it means that you stop building your faith on what your pastor says and start building your trust in what the Bible says. 

  Next week, we will look at how being an Israelite affects your prayer life. 

  Today it is Friday, and the Shabbat begins in a few hours from now. The only requirement for the Shabbat is that you do not work for money, and you do not make others work for money. There are exceptions where you are allowed to break Shabbat if you have a medical emergency. 

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Yehovah bless you

Apostle Ernie

Apostle Ernie

A sinner saved by grace, called to the office of an apostle. Jesus died for me, that is my only hope so I cling to the cross of Christ. Without the death of Christ on the cross I will be lost. But the cross of Christ is the source to ALL I need in this life and the next one. Apostle Ernie

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