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Are you doing your part to enter into the promised land in 2019?

Last week we talked about the importance of being thankful. The Bible says in 1. Cor 10:11 and 1.Tim 5:18 we are always to give thanks, but if we fail at it, we are reminded of what happened to our forefathers in the desert. They complained, questioned God and acted ungratefully. Because of this Yehovah […]

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Is your faith strong? This might make it stronger.

If you are a human being, you have needs. You need food, clothing, shelter, and protection; you also need company, friends, and someone to share your life with. Do you believe God can meet all your needs? More to the point, do you have faith that God can meet all your needs? Do you even […]

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Gods silence

Sometimes our walk with God is not easy, and one of the most challenging parts will always be the silence of God. I dont know dear reader about your situation if you have experienced the silence of God, but if you do, I can guarantee it is not easy. It can best be compared to […]

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You can trust Him

Yesterday we touched on the importance of making sure you are blessed and not cursed by God. The Bible says that if we believe Jesus died for us, and we make this as the foundation for our entire life as Christians, we are blessed by God. But if we fall for the temptation to believe […]

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