how to pray

What to do when you dont know what to do

Last week we learned how the promises in the Bible are all given to Abraham and his descendants. So if we want to have our needs met by Yehovah, and we want His help, we have to make sure we are a descendant of Abraham. So the question then gives itself, how do we become […]

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How do you pray?

Do you pray with faith knowing He will answer? Or is it more like “I hope He will, but I am not sure”? In a world where everything responds to what we do, or dont do, it can be challenging to have faith for prayer when you are being told time and time again the […]

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In the name of Jesus?

Have you ever wondered what it means to pray in the name of Jesus? When we end our prayers, we usually always say “in Jesus name, amen.” And we believe because we have been taught, praying in Jesus name guarantees a reply. (John 14:13). At the same time, we all know from experience; this is […]

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How praying to Yehovah is praying to Yeshua

If we are truly saved, we will live our lives as Jesus lived His life (1.John 2:6, 1. Cor 11:1). We will have a desire to worship as He did, pray as He did, and live righteously as He did. He never worshiped Himself, He never prayed to Himself, and He never prayed “in Jesus […]

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Are you using your gift to make this world a better place?

The Bible says in Heb 11:6 without faith it is impossible to please Yehovah (God has a name, and it is Yehovah) it says in James 1:6-7 if we dont have faith when we pray, we will never receive anything from Yehovah. So it is kind of obvious we need faith, and we can’t live […]

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