The gift of the cross

Have you ever been given a gift you do not deserve? If you are a mainstream Christian, your first response would be, the cross. You did not deserve the cross but God gave it to you anyway because He loves you. (John 3:16). It is true we dont deserve the gift of the cross, it […]

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Have you ever considered the power of Amen?

When we pray, we usually end our prayers with the word “Amen.” Sometimes we hear preachers saying things like “can I get an Amen?” or someone in the congregation spontaneously¬†gives an “amen” when they are excited about something the minister said. This one word Amen has lost its meaning over the years, so it has […]

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Is Abraham your father?

Are you a descendant of Abraham? Perhaps you are not a physical descendant of Abraham, but it is my guess you have heard it said in mainstream Christianity that those who have faith are the descendants of Abraham. So the teaching goes something like this in mainstream Christianity if you believe Jesus Christ died on […]

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How do you react when the waves of life threatens to sink your boat?

What is your first reaction when problems present itself? Do you react like most of us and begin worrying? Can you remember what it felt like when you were a child? Did you worry about your problems back then or did you trust your parents to take care of it? Earlier we learned how all […]

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