Do you know?

A thought came to mind today, do you know how valuable you are to God?

I know, when you are knee deep in lifes many challenges and you have prayed, prayed, prayed but it seems like you are just sinking deeper it is hard to believe you could be valuable to God. After all, if you where valuable, wouldnt He rescue you out of the pit of financial mess, financial debt, sickness and lifes many challenges you are slowly drowning in?

Could it be your own fault, some actions on your own part that is causing you to sink deeper into the pit instead of experiencing Gods rescue?

I know, this is hard to read for some of you. I know, I am that pit myself sinking deeper and deeper into the pit of financial debt. And I know, if somebody came to me 3 months ago and said this was because of my own doing I would have strongly objected to it. Because after all, isnt God supposed to be good? How can a good God not intervene and rescue me out of this pit of financial debt?

That was what I would have replied 3 months ago, before the message of the cross changed my life.

We as Christians live in a world where self, our ego is in focus. We are sorrounded by teachings, ideas and mindsets that elevates our ego and makes us demand our rights. Our society is filled up with people thinking they are entitled to goods, to have their needs met, and if that does not happen the society we are in teaches us to blame everybody else but ourself. But most of the time our needs are not met in the society we live in because of our own actions, attitudes and mindsets.

I live in Northern Europe in a country with a lot of social benefits. Nobody in my country has to live on the streets, if you cant work you will get a welfare income from the state and the state will provide housing for you. In my country we have young people who are able to work, but they refuse to work. So instead they file for welfare checks and they expect the government to take care of them, to provide for them without having to do anything.

Dont get me wrong, this is a blessing if you are sick and unable to work. And it is a blessing if you have lost your job and you want to work but you cant. It is a blessing to live in a nation that has safety nets when life throws you a curveball that stops from earning a living and stops you from providing for yourself and your family.

But it becomes a curse for a nation when people take advantage of such safety nets, people who are able to work but just dont want to work.

We as Christians are affected by this, and if just switch on your local Christian tv station you will soon find teachings that gives you the impression that God ows you something. Teachings that tells you that God has to meet your needs, that you deserve to have your needs met.

With unbiblical teachings like that we end up with Christian cursing themself because they think God owes them something. They think they deserve to be blessed by Him, provided for by Him, healed by Him, guided and protected by Him.

I was one of them 3 months ago, influenced by teachers who said they preached grace but in fact they preached law. So 3 months ago I would have said God is my Father, I am His son, I am saved, He loves me, He is supposed to rescue me from this pit of financial debt.

I believed because I was told He was my Father He owed it to me to rescue me. After all, is not that what good Fathers are supposed to do?

I believed I was a sinner before I got saved, and I believed I couldnt save myself. So I did believe Jesus died for me and I repented. But after accepting “Jesus died for me” my faith was so influenced by “grace” teachers and “grace” revolution that I ended up believing God owed it to me to rescue me. I had not done anything to earn His help, but just being saved and a beloved son made me think He owed it to me to rescue me.

But the truth is, God does not owe us anything. We dont deserve anything from Him.

I dont care if you have been saved 1 day, 1 hour or 100 years. You dont deserve anything from Him. And if you do believe you are living under grace and you can expect His help just because He loves you, that He owes it to you to help you, then you are actually fooling yourself and you are actually living under law.

And that is the reason why you are sinking deeper into the pit of lifes many challenges.

Is not the time to do something to get out of the pit of despair?

Yes the Bible promises us healing, provision, deliverance, protection and guidance. All of the promises you need to see fulfilled in your life right now while you are standing there knee deep in the pit of lifes challenges.

How do you obtain those promises? How do you get to see them fulfilled in your life?

It is actually quite simple, it is so easy even a child can understand it. It doesnt require an education or a theological degree. It doesnt require you to learn Hebrew or to celebrate the feasts of Israel. It doesnt require you to be baptized, starve yourself to death or deny yourself the sleep your body so desperatly need so you can stay up and pray. It doesnt require you to abstain from lifes blessings, you dont have to become a munk living on top of a pole or in a cave. You dont have to travel to Jerusalem or to give away all your money to a ministry.

It is so easy it is easy to overlook the solution.

Are you ready for it?

The solution is cropped-shutterstock_63582394.jpgThe solution is the cross of Christ.

Man mind is so strange sometimes, so many of you could fall into the trap of thinking the solution is the wooden beam.

No that is wrong, dead wrong.

The solution is the cross of Christ, what Jesus did for you. Or to put it another way, the solution is “Jesus died for me”.

That is the key to unlock the promises of the Bible, an acceptance of the truth “Jesus died for me”.

And why did He die for you?

Because you are and will always be a sinner. But now you are now longer a sinner without hope headed for hell.

You are a sinner who knows Jesus died for you and because He died for you, you are one with Him, totally forgiven by God for all the sins you have done and all the sins you will do in the future.

That is the key, the liferaft, the rope that will pull you out of the pit you are in right now.

But it is not an easy key to accept for some of you. And some of will read these words and never understand it. Pride is the strongest hinderance to accepting this easy truth. Because you have to admit one thing before you can come to the cross.

You have to admit to being a sinner. You have to admit that you dont deserve anything from God, you only deserve hell and eternal punishment. For even though you consider yourself to be a Christian you will never stop sinning. Each day, each second of the hour you will sin and some of those sins will go unnoticed by your mind. But God sees them all. God holds everybody accuntable for their actions, Christians and non Christians.

The difference between us Christians and a non Christian is the promise of forgivness.

The Lord knows we are unable to make ourself stop sinning, but He wants us to confess our sins each day, every second of the hour to Him and ask for His forgivness. And then He promises us to forgive us if we do this AND each day have our faith firmly in one thing, and one thing only “Jesus died for me”.

Do you know how valuable you are to the Lord?

You are a sinner, you deserve hell, but even so He died for you.

Jesus Christ the Son of God who has never ever sinned came to earth as a man and was crucified for you. He took your sins, your punishment upon Himself so you could live as a child of God and have eternal life.

When you consider how valuable you are to Him, how much He loves you.

Why is it then so hard for you to believe He wants to bless you? Why is it then so hard for you to believe He wants to prosper you, heal you, provide for you, protect you, guide you and deliver you?

You dont deserve anything from Him. But He has said that if you will just believe in “I am a sinner and Jesus died for me” then you can trust Him to do the rest. And He has promised to shower you with gifts, gifts you dont deserve. Gifts of healing, gifts of provision, gifts of guidance, wisdom, and deliverance.

The only thing He requires of you is faith.

That is how valuable you are to God. And that is why I know that I dont deserve His help. I dont deserve to become debt free, I dont deserve to keep the house. I dont deserve His help in obtaining an apartment if He wants us to move. I dont deserve money to open my own ministry, I dont deserve His healing, provision, guidance and deliverance.

But because I believe, my faith is in “Jesus died for me because I am a sinner” He will give me all of the above and more.

Apostle Ernie

A sinner saved by grace, called to the office of an apostle. Jesus died for me, that is my only hope so I cling to the cross of Christ. Without the death of Christ on the cross I will be lost. But the cross of Christ is the source to ALL I need in this life and the next one. Apostle Ernie

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