Doors and peace

Some of you might remember that I bought a 16 year old car a few months back. I sold the old car I had that carried with it a lot of problems and used the money to buy an even older car thinking it didnt have that much problems.

It turned out the seller was ignorant of a few things on the car, so I ended up using a lot more money fixing this one then I had first thought would be necesarry. But there was one problem with the car nobody seemed to be able to fix. The seller said the front door on the passenger side had jammed shut about 6 months ago and couldnt be open. And sure enough, I found out he was right. It was jammed shut and couldnt be opened. So I contacted a garage, told them about the problem and they said they would look at it next tuesday but it would be expensive since nobody knew why we couldnt open the door.

Two days ago, on Saturday, I was driving my wife into town. Up until now she has had to sit in the back seat because the door was jammed. When we had finished what we where doing in the town we walked back to the car. I walked to the drivers side, but she had forgotten the door couldnt open. So she went to the front door on the passenger side, reached out and pulled the handle on the door, and then suddenly it opened.

All glory to the Lord who meets all our needs!

It was totally unexpected, but we are so thankful for it.

I know the Lord is well able to heal the car completly and not just a door, so I dont know why He just opened it and didnt fix the lock at the same time. We are unable to lock it right now, so we still have to take it to the mechanic next tuesday. But if the Lord doesnt intervene before then, it will still be much cheaper now they dont have to first figure out how to open it.

I dont know why He didnt fix the lock, but it doesnt bother me because I know He has His reasons. I am just thankful we saved a lot of money.

When it comes to the foreclosure you might remember we came to agreement with the collection agency. They agreed to having us sell by our own free will.

Suddenly another apartment became available to rent, and this one is much better then the one we first had in mind. The first one was not available until June, this one is available right now. We dont have to move so quick, but it will be much easier for us if we could get our hands on a apartment right away and start moving our things while we wait to having the house sold. Then we wouldnt have to hire a moving company, but could be able to do almost all of the move by ourself.  It is within our price range, and it is large enough to keep all of our things. If the Lords wants us to sell, and if He wants us to have that apartment it will be a blessing for us.

I am still not sure if the Lord wants us to sell the house. I know we have to sell in the natural, or else we will be forced to sell. So I have told the Lord, I have no choice in the matter. I have to do what is required to do to sell the house, and then He is free to intervene whenever and however He wants. He knows right now on what date the house will be sold. So the Lord knows when He will have to intervene if He wants us to stay in the house.

When it comes to this apartment I have this strange feeling in my spirit. I have total peace about renting that apartment, and when I saw the guy who ownes it on Facebook I knew that this is the guy the Lord wants us to rent from. And when I hear the name of the small village this apartment is located in (about 10 minutes from where we work), I have a sense of joy and peace in my spirit.

So jugding by what I feel in my spirit I know we are to sell the house, rent this apartment and move.

This is where it becomes challenging, lately it seems like the only sermons and teaching I hear on Christian television has one message “fight to stay where you are at”. And of the prophetic words I have been given over the last year they all have the same message “the Lord will give you an oppurtunity to stay where you are at”.

I have no choice, it would be irresponsible of me not to do what I need to do to sell the house. It would be irresponsible of me not to do what I can do to try to get that apartment.

So it is so easy to fall prey to the confusion, to the questions “what do you want me to do Lord?. And why does it seem like I get so many confusing messages?”.

Then my mind goes back to the car and the jammed door.

I know I prayed several times for the Lord to fix the car, but I still went ahead did what I needed to do to having it fixed by a mechanic. And the Lord was not offended by me doing that, He chose to intervene suddenly a saturday morning in a parking garage and open the door.

So I have learned from this that the Lord does not get offended when we do what we feel we need to do because we dont hear Him saying anything else. No I am not saying this wery well, so let me try to reprhase what I am trying to say.

If my faith is in the cross of Christ, in Jesus dying for me on the cross, then the Lord doesnt get offended when I pray for wisdom and end up feeling like I have to do what I have to not be irresponsible. So as long as my faith and my trust is in Jesus dying for me, and I trust that is the key to having ALL my needs met then the Lord doesnt get offended when I am confused and end up doing what I have to do to sell the house.

He intervened and opened the door on the car because my faith is in the cross of Christ. I believe that Jesus dying for me on the cross meets all my needs, physically, spiritually and emotionally. But still I didnt hear Him telling me that He would open the door two days ago. I prayed, and I heard nothing. I prayed again, and I kept on praying for the healing of the car reminding the Lord I dont have that kind of money to fix it. And while I prayed I kept on having my faith in the cross, believing that all my needs are met because Jesus died for me. And I went ahead and booked an apointment for having the door fixed at an mechanic. And then suddenly the Lord intervened and opened the door.

He was not offended by me making the appointment with the mechanic believing they had to open the door. He was not offended by me praying again, and again for Him to intervene and fix the door.

The reason for Him not being offended is my faith in the cross, my believe that all my needs are met because Jesus died for me.

So I know that right now I am praying for the Lord to give me the money to keep the house, if it is His will. And I pray for the money to pay the moving company (we need them to move the big furniture), and I pray for the grace to get that apartment. All the while I am doing what I have to do, going ahead with the preperations for the sale.

And I know He doesnt get offended by me praying to keep the house, and at the same time going ahead with the sale.


Because my faith is in the cross, I believe all my needs are met when Jesus died for me.


Apostle Ernie

A sinner saved by grace, called to the office of an apostle. Jesus died for me, that is my only hope so I cling to the cross of Christ. Without the death of Christ on the cross I will be lost. But the cross of Christ is the source to ALL I need in this life and the next one. Apostle Ernie

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