How praying to Yehovah is praying to Yeshua

If we are truly saved, we will live our lives as Jesus lived His life (1.John 2:6, 1. Cor 11:1). We will have a desire to worship as He did, pray as He did, and live righteously as He did. He never worshiped Himself, He never prayed to Himself, and He never prayed “in Jesus name.” So if we are truly saved, we will never pray to Jesus, worship Jesus or even pray in “Jesus name” because He did none of these things.

Yeshua (Jesus Christ) taught us to pray to our Father Yehovah (God) (Luke 11:1-13), but if Yeshua is Yehovah (John 1, 8:58) why then is it wrong to pray to Yeshua?

Yeshua (Jesus Christ) is Yehovah (God), the Bible leaves no room for doubt about Yeshua’s divinity. Why then are we not allowed to pray to Yeshua or in Yeshua’s name or worship Yeshua? We are not allowed to pray to Yeshua, worship Him or pray in His name because He taught us to pray to Yehovah, worship Yehovah, and if we are truly saved, we will obey what He said even if dont understand it. (John 14:15)

The Bible leaves no room for doubt about Yeshua’s divinity; He is Yehovah. Even His name which is short for Yehoshua (Yehovah saves) reveals His divinity, and He has to be Yehovah to be able to free us from the curse of the law in Numbers 5. (Gal 3:13)

When we pray we need all of Yehovah, we need Him to be our healer (Yehovah Ropheka), our provider (Yehovah Yireh), our savior (Yehovah Yehoshua), our miracle (Yehovah Nissi). We need Him to be everything, and He is everything including our Yehoshua.

When we insist on worshiping Yeshua and not Yehovah when we insist on praying to Yeshua and not Yehovah we are saying to Yehovah that we dont care about Him and who He is. We only want the cross, but we dont want the rest of Him. He is our Yehovah Yehoshua, but that is only one side of Him. He is so much more than our Yehovah Yehoshua; He is also our Yehovah Yireh, Nissi, Ropheka, Roi and more.

How do you think He feels when we tell Him we only want the cross, but we dont want the rest of Him?

How would you feel if someone only wanted you for what you could give them, but they never took the time to get to know you? How do you feel if your spouse only wants you and wants to get to know you as their husband/wife? You are so much more than just a husband/wife; you are a man/woman, you are an employer/employee. A good spouse wants you, accepts you and is interested in all of you.

Yeshua came to show us how to build a relationship with Yehovah through obedience to His law the law of Moses (1.John 3:7, John 14:15) and faith in the cross. He also came to introduce us to Yehovah (John 14:9) by showing us how Yehovah is our Ropheka (Matthew 8), our provider (Matthew 15:32-39), our Savior (John 3:16, John 19:28-30) and so much more.

If we want to have a relationship with Yehovah we have to accept all of Him and not just the side of Him we saw on the cross.

This is why Yeshua taught us to pray to Yehovah, to worship Yehovah. When we pray to and worship Yehovah we are praying to Yeshua and worshiping Him because He is Yehovah (John 1, 8:58) If we pray to, worship Yehovah we are telling Him we want all of HIm and not just what we saw on the cross. We want Him as our Yehoshua (Yeshua), but we also want Him as our Ropheka, Roi, Yireh, Nissi, Mifalti, Shalom, Shama, Uzi Imagini.

Why then is it wrong to say “in Jesus name”?

Where in the Bible do we see Yeshua telling His disciples to say the words “in Jesus name”? We see Him teaching them to pray and ask in His name, but asking and praying in His name is not the same as saying the words “in Jesus name.”

The Bible says in John 5:43 Yeshua came in His Fathers name. We know the name Yeshua is short for Yehoshua which means Yehovah saves. But we also know Yeshua only did what He saw His Father do (John 5:19-20). Then we understand “in His Fathers name” is referring to more than just the name Yeshua, it is also referring to authority that comes from obeying His Father. So when Yeshua said He came in His Fathers name He is referring to the authority He has from obeying His Fathers law, the law of Moses.

The promises given to us about asking and praying in His name is connected to the authority, not saying the words “in Jesus name”. This authority is something He has because He always obeyed the law of Moses, and we will have that authority as long as we obey the law of Moses. (1. John 2:6, 3:7)

How should we pray, worship and who should we pray to? If we are saved, we should do what Yeshua taught us to do and what He did. He prayed to and worshiped Yehovah, and He prayed with authority because He always obeyed the law of Moses. The Bible says if we are saved, it will show when we choose to pray and worship as He did.



Apostle Ernie

A sinner saved by grace, called to the office of an apostle. Jesus died for me, that is my only hope so I cling to the cross of Christ. Without the death of Christ on the cross I will be lost. But the cross of Christ is the source to ALL I need in this life and the next one. Apostle Ernie

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