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Do you want to live the good life?

As human beings, we long for the good of life. We want to be healthy, wealthy, live a long peaceful life in security protected from our enemies. Sometimes we wonder if that is even possible to achieve. In mainstream Christianity, we sometimes get the impression God does not want us to have the good of […]

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The door is open to come back into covenant

We have all heard why Yeshua had to come and die for our sins. But do you know what it means to believe in Him and His death? Does it mean just think He died for you, and that’s it? Or could it be something more to the story? In John 3:16 we read what […]

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How to face a Monday morning with a smile on your face

Joy, laughter, and peace. We all want to have joy, laughter, and peace in our lives. But most of the times, it seems like it is something we only get to have when we are on vacation. It feels almost unreal, almost unnatural to walk through everyday life with all its circumstances, challenges and have […]

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Trust issues and how to resolve them

Do you have trust issues? I know I have trust issues sometimes, it’s difficult sometimes to trust Yahweh because you can not see Him with your own eyes. And yes if I had been able to see Him with my own eyes I would probably have trust issues even then. It’s human nature sometimes to […]

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A call to prayer

I feel so strongly a call to prayer for the world. And I feel the prompting from the Spirit to share with you some prophecies I have recieved during the years. Before I go into them I would like to remind everybody that a prophecy is never a guarantee. Its God telling us a promise, […]

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Do we have reason to fear a nuclear war?

“Therfore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself”. Matth 6:25-34 With everything happening in Syria, the Baltic nations, Kaliningrad, the island of Gotland and North Korea it is difficult not to worry sometimes. We have prophecies telling us the exact date for Russian invasion and prophecies telling us not to worry […]

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The Lord says

The Lord says, the security of Norway is not in the oil. The oil does not have the power to protect Norway, the oil does not have the power to uphold Norway, but still Norway has forgotten who has the power to protect Norway. Do not rely on the oil, but if you continue to […]

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The Lord says 28.01.2016

In the coming days, the one who relies on himself will not stand through the ordeal. the one who relys on Me will stand and feel peace in the midst of the storm says the Lord. For there is coming a storm says the Lord, a clean up storm in the nations of this world […]

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The Lord says 27.01.2016

I saw a huge man`s fist come up from Sweden and stretch itself towards Finland where it struck something that was troubling Finland and especially Helsinki. At the time something has happened to Finland that has made the nation sick without any immune system. It will be 10 days from the time Finlands immune system […]

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